Utah Blogs

A Soft Answer LDS “Reminding the Bloggernacle that conservative Republicans can be good Mormons too.”
Accountability Education “An honest and bold look at issues of public education in Utah.”
BCC: By Common Consent LDS “Thoughtful, enjoyable, and reasonable place to post and discuss Mormon topics.”
Big Rock Candy Mountain Misc “The official voice of the Deseret Liberation Organization.”
Connor Boyack Right Connor Boyack is president of Libertas Institute,
Dave Fletcher’s Gov’t and Tech Weblog Misc “Languages, egovernment, international relations, public administration, and other stuff.”
DesNews Blogs Directory Blogs for the Deseret News
Free UTOPIA Interest “Municipal fiber advocacy at its finest.”
From Where I Sit Interest “Blogging about what I see from where ever I sit in the world.”
Gov. Gary Herbert’s Blog Politics Official Blog For Gov. Herbert
Incongruities Right “I comment on some of the incongruities of life in the real Happy Valley.”
Jen’s Green Journal Left “Politics, Green Living, and Conscious Citizenship in Salt Lake City.”
JM Bell Left Jeff is the former Democratic National Committee Communications Director
KVNU’s For the People Right “Tom is a libertarian, but chooses to affiliate with the Republican Party.”
Leaning Wright Right “A conservative who values the constitution and the God-given freedoms it affords us.”
Libertarian Party of Utah Politics LP Utah’s Official Blog
Local Commentary Right “Local Politics and Culture.”
Mormanity LDS “Discussions of Mormon life, Book of Mormon, and other LDS topics.”
Nacilbupera Right “Nacilbupera political blog with a Utah emphasis.”
One Utah Left “Utah’s Favorite Public Square for Loud Political Debate.”
Pete Ashdown Left “Founder and CEO of Utah’s first independent Internet service provider, Xmission.”
Ralph Becker Politics Salt Lake City Mayor
Reach Upward LDS “Exploring issues of religion, politics, family, health, through my religious filter.”
RedStateBlues Left “Double entendre intended. The sojourn of a liberal in the reddest of red states.”
Rick Koerber Right “Free Capitalist: Liberty is more than a slogan.”
Salt Lake Chamber Blog Interest “Utah’s Business Leader.”
Shenpa Warrior Left “A conservatively liberal moderate, grad student and neophyte college instructor.”
SL Trib Blogs Directory Blogs for the Salt Lake Tribune
Steve Urquhart Politics
Sutherland Daily Right “New & Views on Utah public policy.”
The City Cafe Politics “For those interested in sharing ideas and perspectives regarding local government.”
The Life I am Choosing Left “Reclaiming My Inner Pioneer .”
The Millenial Star LDS “A blog written by members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.”
The Senate Site Politics “Unofficial Voice of the Utah Senate Majority.”
The SideTrack Left “Blurring the line between information and yelling.”
The Third Avenue Left “Truth over balance, progress over ideology.”
The World, According To Me Left “I’m not an expert, I just play one on the internet.”
The Zion Chronicle LDS “Recording Bits and Pieces of Heaven in Theory and Practice.”
Times and Season LDS “A place to gather and discuss ideas of interest to faithful Latter-day Saints.”
Transit in Utah Interest “How do you build a better place? It takes effective transportation solutions.”
Unconventional Conservative Right Blog by Chris Herrod & Craig Frank
Utah Appellate Blog Legal “Devoted to covering Utah appellate courts.”
Utah Bloghive Misc “A collection of political commentary from throughout the Beehive State.”
Utah Data Points Left “Data-based political science.”
Utah Education Issues Left “Devoted to discussing educational policy issues and politics in Utah.”
Utah Moms Care Interest “Helpful information for busy Moms (and Dads) on state issues important to families.”
Utah Rattler Right Greg Mortensen’s blog with a focus on Utah issues
Utah Republican Party Blog Politics “Official blog for the Utah Republican Party.”
Utah Senate Democrats Politics
Utah State Tax Commission Politics
UtahPublicEducation.org Education “The Official Blog from the UT State Board and UT State Office of Education.”
Weber County Forum Interest “An open public forum for Weber County citizens.”
Weber County Republican Party Politics
Woods Cross Citizen Right “Thoughts About Politics.”
y-intercept Misc “From the point of origin to destinations unknown.”

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