1. AdoptioNetwork, The
  2. Amore on the Net
  3. Animal Lovers Personals – Meet the animal lover of your dreams and make friends with people from all over through our chat rooms, discussion boards and video personals.
  4. Divorce Online
  5. Divorce Page, The
  6. DivorceInfo – Lots of tools to help you stay in control and get through your divorce.
  7. Flirt – FLIRT makes meeting people easier. A club for online romance, unbashed chats, interactive fun, advice and opinions
  8. Internet Personals
  9. Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction
  10. Love and Romance
  11. Match.Com
  12. – “Resource for singles on the Internet, offering coaching, support, and education for finding and maintaining healthy relationships in your life. ”
  13. Single Life, The – “The most complete Source on the Internet for Singles Related Information.”
  14. WEB Personals – “Place personal ads on the Net”
  15. Weddings Online – Wedding Toast Generator

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