Men’s Issues

  1. Dr. Warren Farrell’s Home Page

  2. Dull Men’s Club – “What are the three most exciting things you have ever done? (It’s okay if you list less that three.)” That’s merely the first part of a checklist to see whether you qualify for the not-very-exclusive Dull Men’s Club.

  3. Fathering Magaine

  4. Father’s World – A virtual community for men who value fathering and their families

  5. MANNW: Men’s Activism News Network

  6. Male Spirituality: A Feminist Evaluation – theological critique of two proposed models of Christian ‘male spirituality’.

  7., The

  8. Men’s Fitness Online

  9. MenWeb — Men’s Voices Magazine

  10. National Center for Men

  11. National Center on Fathering

  12. National Coalition of Free Men – a non-profit educational organization that examines the way sex discrimination affects men

  13. Promise Keepers – “Promise Keepers is a Christ-Centered Ministry Dedicated to Uniting Men Through Vital Relationships to Become Godly Influences in Their World”

  14. Sexual Abuse of Males: Prevalence, Lasting Effects, and Resources – scholarly discussion of research with bibliographies and Web resources.


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