More on The Bill of Rights

The BoR Index Page          Celebrating BoR Day          Your Ten Rights         

Roosevelt Proclamation 1941          The BoR in 15 Languages

Bill of Rights Oriented Pages on JPFO
The Bill of Rights itself The Bill of Rights, with preamble and interpretive additions.
Criminal Amendments in the Bill of Rights Certain parts of additional amendments and the Bill of Rights have had a major impact on the criminal justice system.
How YOU Can Promote Bill of Rights Day! A page with useful samples of letters you can use (with personalization) to send out to your local media outlets etc.
Get your BoR Kit of Materials. Your selection of materials to help you and others celebrate BoR Day successfully. Excellent value.
The BoR Culture A two part article by Aaron Zelman, Claire Wolf & Richard Stevens, looking at old and new aspects of the BoR.
What is The U.S. Constitution? Timothy Baldwin takes a hard look at the Constitution.
The Right to Keep and Bear Arms Report of 97th Congress, Second Session Feb 1982.
The Battle for the Bill of Rights Jim Powell takes a hard look at the Bill of Rights. Archived on JPFO.
Celebrate Bill of Rights Day Neil L. Smith writes about Bill of Rights Day, to all Americans.
Roosevelt’s BoR Proclamation Franklin D. Roosevelt’s 1941 proclamation setting up the Dec 15th date for Bill of Rights day.
Frederick Bastiat’s “The Law” Written long ago, but no less vaild now and well worth reading. Also available as an html page on JPFO.
Gran’pa Jack’s “Common Sense” booklet! This #3 book solves many major problems we battle daily to preserve our firearms ownership.  All the Gran’pa Jack series.

BoR Transcript in 15 languages

Various BoR translations, from our  “Your 10 Rights” site, now here.
BoR Reading by Debra Jean Dean Attribution – Bonus track on the CD “Cling to Our Guns” by the band RIGHT ARM OF WYOMING.
The ‘Red’ Amendment A very different look at the BoR … emergency rule etc .
Anti Federalist paper #84 An extensive article on the Bill of Rights  and  possible fragility.

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