1. Ask the Antique and Collectibles Experts – This forum consists of 159 experts covering 153 categories of antiques.
  2. Ask an Attorney
  3. Ask the Builder
  4. Ask the Census Expert
  5. Ask Chef Andy
  6. Ask the College Grad Job Hunter
  7. Ask Leo – “If you have computer questions … anything ranging from troubleshooting computer problems to simple computer tips and general online technical support you’ve come to the right place. Ask Leo! is all about free computer technical support.’
  8. Ask Dr. Math – Submit that seemingly unsolvable math problem and receive a solution by email. With archives of past questions.
  9. Ask the Deep Space Expert – Two experts fielded questions during the airing of PBS’s ‘Mysteries of Deep Space’ program. Read selected questions and the experts’ responses.
  10. Ask the Dietitian
  11. Ask an Earth Scientist – service of the University of Hawaii Department of Geology & Geophysics.
  12. Ask the Education Expert (ERIC)
  13. Ask a Geologist – do you have a question about volcanoes, earthquakes, mountains, rocks, maps, ground water, lakes, or rivers? Email your earth science questions to a U.S. Geological Survey earth scientist.
  14. Ask a Handyman
  15. Ask the Headhunter
  16. Ask the IT Professional – “Answers for IT Professionals.”
  17. Ask a Lawyer – This area of is designed to provide you with a unique forum in which to ask general legal questions of site’s hosting attorneys.
  18. Ask a Legal Question – Homepage of The Law Offices of Eslamboly & Barlavi. Specialist advice on harassment, discrimination, accidents, and compensation.
  19. Ask A Librarian: Lib. of Congress – This site by the Library of Congress allows you to ask questions and interact with real librarians on the Web through this online reference service from the Library of Congress.
  20. Ask Mad Scientist
  21. Ask the Mars Team
  22. Ask Mr. Excel – site offers tips and advice on Microsoft Excel. Questions answered along with a weekly tip which is archived at the site. A message board offered for readers seeking answers.
  23. Ask a NASA Scientist – welcomes questions about X-ray, gamma-ray, and cosmic-ray astrophysics.
  24. Ask-A-Nurse
  25. Ask a Pastor – “Whatever your problem is today, whether it is in your marriage, your emotions, finances, raising your children, or your walk with God – we want you to know that there are answers from the Word of God that will empower you to experience a life of freedom, joy and peace!”
  26. Ask a Physicist
  27. Ask Our Experts at the Plant & Pest Diagnostic Laboratory – for plant and pest problems.
  28. Go Ask Alice – Question and answers on many topics, with a health focus. Produced by Columbia University’s Health Education Program. Has a large searchable database.
  29. Last Word – why is the sky blue? Why does hair turn grey? answers to readers’ questions from the column in New Scientist magazine.
  30. – “If you need help with Math, ask the MathNerds a question.”
  31. ZocDoc Answers – “With this service, patients can ask their medical questions completely anonymously, and they will be answered for free by doctors from top academic medical centers in the US. In addition, patients can search in our library of over 10,000 questions that have already been answered.”

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