1. About.com – Quotations
  2. alt.quotations
  3. Annabelle’s Quotation Guide – organized by topic & author. Quote of the week and weekly newsletter.
  4. Aphorisms Galore – Browsable, searchable collection of around 2,000 aphorisms from more than 700 authors in 16 categories.
  5. Astronomy Thesaurus – astronomy terms in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian; all terms cross referenced.
  6. Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations, 10th Edition
  7. Best of Edward Gibbon’s Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire – selected quotations from the seminal work on Ancient Rome.
  8. Book of Cliches, The
  9. BrainyQuote – Browse over 30,000 quotations by 8,000 authors. Get a quote-a-day newsletter on many topics that have famous quotes and current quips from today’s celebrities. Popular topics include art, business, culture, history, nature, politics, relationships, science, sports.
  10. Creativequotations.com – more than 50,000 quotes from 3,000 famous people by keyword, author, topic source and much more.
  11. Curated Quotes – “Discover the best quotes for any topic. Expertly curated, and beautifully presented.”
  12. Cute Quotes – “We hope these cute quotes, sayings and proverbs provide inspiration and encouragement to you to look at your world in a positive way. Many times when we read the words of others we find it helps our attitude stay positive.”
  13. Dictionary of Quotations – Quotations and Famous Quotes Dictionary
  14. Famous Inspirational Quotes – “A large collection of inspirational quotes to add a positive thought to your day. Many different subjects covered.”
  15. Famous Quotes – “All the famous quotes and sayings in one place!”
  16. Aaron Fuegi’s Collected Quotations
  17. Good Quotations by Famous People
  18. Inspirational Spark – “Inspirational quotes organized by subject. Find the right inspirational quote for yourself or a friend – fast.”
  19. iz quotes – “Extensive collection of quotes for Facebook.”
  20. Life 101 Quote Book – by Peter McWilliams
  21. LitQuotes – This site features quotes from the great works of literature. You can search for quotes in a number of different ways.
  22. QuotationsBook.com – “We aim to be the foremost quotations, fortunes and proverbs database on the web.”
  23. Quotations by Subject
  24. Positive Quotes – “Here you will find positive quotes to encourage you, to inspire you, and for you to share with others. One of the secrets of success is having a positive attitude. Let these quotes, sayings and thoughts help you in doing just that.”
  25. Quotations Page, The – Courtesy of Michael Moncur
  26. Quotations – Courtesy of Yahoo!
  27. Quotes & Sayings Database, The
  28. Quotes Collection: Tipps.org – “Below is a list of different quotes by category from inspirational quotes to sports to famous quotes.”
  29. QuoteLand – “Find quotations on anything; identify quotations by anyone.”
  30. Quotery – “An online encyclopedia of quotations, quips, and proverbs. Includes picture quotes, interpretations, variations, relevant trivia, and author biographies.”
  31. Quoteswise – “Business, investing and inspirational quotes! 100+ quotes/author! Be inspired by living and historical legends at Quoteswise.com.”
  32. QuoteWorld.org – collection of close to 14,000 quotations that can be searched by title, author, quote, or exact words.
  33. Random Quotes of the Day
  34. Roget’s Thesaurus – Third Edition – Containing 35,000 synonyms and over 250,000 cross-references in an easy-to-use format, this thesaurus features succinct word definitions and an innovative hyperlinked category index.
  35. Simpson’s Contemporary Quotations – With over 9,000 quotations from 4,000 sources organized into 25 categories and 60 sections, this comprehensive reference work contains words of wit and wisdom from such modern notables as Ezra Pound, Henry Kissinger, George Orwell, Dorothy Parker, and Desmond Tutu.
  36. Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases – HTML Edition
  37. Thesaurus of Geographic Names
  38. ThinkExist Quotations – More than 90000 quotations by over 11000 Authors.
  39. ToInspire – collection of inspirational quotes for writing, intellectual discussion, or simple pleasure reading.
  40. WordNet – on-line lexical reference where English nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs are organized into synonym sets, each representing one underlying lexical concept.
  41. Words of Wisdom 4 U! – Inspirational quotes sorted by subject, proverbs, quotes by famous people. Plus a free monthly quote calendar.



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