1. – Ask an expert.
  2. Advice with Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee – Free advice on family, relationships, etiquette and medication.
  3. – covers a variety of topics including music, sports, health, love and romance, and more.
  5. Ask an Expert Sources – links to experts in K-12 curricular related topics.
  6. Ask PointAsk – “Get Answers from Real People!”
  7. – “We are a resource used worldwide by Attorneys, Journalists, Media, Researchers and the world to locate Authors, Consultants, Spokespersons, Subject Matter Experts, and Expert Witnesses.”
  8. Experts Exchange – “#1 Knowledge Sharing Community on the Web.”
  9. – Directory of Expert Witnesses.
  10. Math Central: Quandaries & Queries
  11. SeniorSite: Ask the Experts – Ask experts on seniors a question in areas such as Long Term Care, Pharmacy, Medical and More.
  12. Scientific American: Ask the Experts
  13. Teacher2Teacher – an educational question-and-answer service for teachers and parents who have questions about teaching math.
  14. ZocDoc Answers – “With this service, patients can ask their medical questions completely anonymously, and they will be answered for free by doctors from top academic medical centers in the US. In addition, patients can search in our library of over 10,000 questions that have already been answered.”

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