Random & Useless

  1. Ayn Rand Says – random Ayn Rand quote generator.
  2. Angelic Beat Haiku Machine – generates haiku with a beat flavor.
  3. Anonymous Message Server
  4. FunTrivia – “You have arrived at the world’s largest database of amazing facts and trivia, built from the contributions of thousands of visitors.”
  5. Internet Conspiracy Generator – it’s never been easier to become a net nut-case.
  6. Last Word, The – scientific explanations to almost everything
  7. Lee’s (Useless) Super-Hero Generator – You’re going to become a super-hero! Congratulations, but have you worked out the details? Well, stop worrying! All the answers are right here.
  8. Mefco’s Random Joke
  9. Misfortune Cookies
  10. Mr. Smarty Pants Knows
  11. Ralph U.B.I. Page
  12. Random.com – wide variety of categorized random links.
  13. Random Camera – points to a picture from a random camera, add your own too.
  14. Random Chick-en – Welcome to Random Chick-en! Devoted to the randomness of chickens around the world and universe.
  15. Random Groucho Marx Quotes
  16. Random Mud Link
  17. Random Story Generator
  18. Random Word Haiku – sublime or profane? You decide, or just exercise your vocabulary.
  19. Shakespearean Insulter – Randomly chooses an insult from the plays themselves or generates an insult from an expanded insult kit.
  20. Straight Dope, The – answers to everything trivial
  21. Talk to Zippy the Pinhead
  22. Trivia Bytes – Listen! Hear soundfiles from movies and television. Choose! Select from four choices.
  23. Trivia Trivia
  24. Useless Knowledge – a site dedicated to trivia, quotes, quizzes, and useless facts. Comb through words of the day, sound quizzes, and more.
  25. Web Autopilot – Forwards to a new URL every 12 seconds.

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