Pets & Animals

  1. A-to-Z of Camels, The – “To appreciate the unique contribution that the Arabian camel has made to the people and history of desert lands, here’s a comprehensive fact-pack on the special characteristics, body structure and behaviour patterns of this amazing creature.”

  2. African Wildlife Foundation

  3. Africanized Honey Bees – information from the Entomology Department at UC Riverside on the encroachment of this aggressive variety of bees upon southern California. Includes full-text articles on removing bee stings and on creating traps for straggler bees left following swarm or colony removal.

  4. – At this site “you will find links to everything you might need or want to know regarding camels.”

  5. – comprehensive pet magazine and encyclopedia. In-depth info on petcare, health, breeds, showing, training. Messageboards. For pet enthusiasts and dedicated fanciers.

  6. American Boarding Kennels Association

  7. American Kennel Club, The

  8. American Rare Bred Association, The – information on the world’s recognized rare dog breeds, as well as breeders and shows.

  9. AmphibiaWeb – This Web site on amphibian biology and conservation contains information on over 130 species. It provides species descriptions, life history information, conservation status, photos, and literature references. There are photos of over 140 species, range maps of over 300 species, and over 500 bibliographic references.

  10. – an all animal news website with focus on streaming video.

  11. Animal Health – Site by the Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medcine provides the latest information and resources about caring for animals.

  12. Animal Info – Information on Rare, Threatened and Endangered Mammals.

  13. Animal Network – joins together the on-line community of people who love their animals with experts and writers from one of the largest stables of animal publications in the world.

  14. – site covers many topics such as fire ants, carpenter ants, ant farms, and natural ant control and more.

  15. Animal Lovers Personals – Meet the animal lover of your dreams and make friends with people from all over through our chat rooms, discussion boards and video personals.

  16. Animal Search – a family-safe search engine for animal related web sites

  17. Audubon Magazine

  18. Guide to the Animal Kingdom for Students and Educators

  19. Bird Sounds – Choose from among doves, finches, sparrows, wrens, birds of prey, you name it-there’s even a Mystery Bird of the Day

  20. Bumblebee Pages, The – Information, photos and drawings for the various types of bumblebees. There’s also info on raising them at this site, a bibliography listing some books on them and a page of links to other ‘Net resources on them.

  21. Canine Companions for Independence

  22. Care for Pets – Site by the American Veterinary Medical Association offering information about specific animal ailments, advice on selecting a veterinarian and pet safety tips.

  23. Cats Downunder – all about Australian cats

  24. Cat Fancier’s Home Page – A comprehensive site on cats, including articles and links on breeds, shows, cat care, feline welfare, veterinary medicine, and a breeder directory. Recently revised.

  25. Cats: Plans for Perfection – National Geographic Special Issue

  26. Cats! Wild to Mild – site describes the evolution, biology, history, behavior, and life of cats, both wild and domesticated. The site includes a curriculum for teachers, family activities, and links to related sites.

  27. Chickadees – For bird lovers everywhere, here’s information about Chickadee

  28. Cindy’s Cat Pages – site has cat facts, links, Dear Midnight (advice for cats from a cat) original cat poems submitted by readers, and more.

  29. Coral Reef Fishes

  30. Cornell University Pet Loss Helpline – Information about the help line and general information about pet death and grief are both provided here. Topics covered include euthanasia, the grieving process, a list of similar hotlines, and an annotated list of books to help children understand the loss of a pet. A service of the Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine.

  31. Cyberpet

  32. Cybersteed

  33. Digital Dog – “Information about each dog breed’s temperament and the possible physical or behavioral flaws found in every dog breed.”

  34. Dog Hause, The – “A playground for pets and pet lovers.”

  35. Dogpatch Doghouse, The – specializing in training information.

  36. Dog-Play – Fun with Your Dog

  37. Dog World Magazine

  38. Dog of the Day – every day Dog of the Day features a new story and photo of what makes our special friends wonderful. dog breeds with contact information for 2700 Canadian breeders

  39. eNature – This site serves as a nature portal offering online searchable field guides to over 5,000 plant and animal species. Derived from 35 different Audubon Society Field Guides, Regional Guides, and Nature Guides, the database is keyword-searchable by group (mammals, amphibians, fishes, trees, etc.) or browseable within subheadings for each group. The field guide entries include a large thumbnail image, description, and varying additional information. Users can also conduct an advanced search by size, color, habitat, region, and other options within each group.

  40. Endangered Species Listed in the U.S. – U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

  41. Equine Online

  42. Fat Cat, Inc.

  43. Ferret Central

  44. FishBase – A Global Information System on Fishes, this site contains two searchable databases: FishBase and LarvalBase, the first containing information on over 23,800 species, 41,000 synonyms, 91,000 common names, 18,000 pictures, 18,000 references; the second has 400 species, 500 pictures, and 700 references for fish larvae.

  45. Fish Link Central – The Internet’s Largest Collection of Fish Web Sites.

  46. Five Star Ranch – “Provides horse care and horse management information. Also has horse traveling tips including reviews on places to stay while trail riding.”

  47. Frogland

  48. Global Entomology Agricultural Research Server – A public access government site with fun bee and pollination facts, and other entomological/agricultural resources.

  49., The – list of horse sites on the Net

  50. Healthy Pet – presented by the American Animal Hospital Association. Source for accurate, entertaining pet care information.

  51. Horse Interactive, The – online version of The Horse, a horse health magazine, includes The Essential Horse, selected feature articles from the October 1997 to the current issue, and more.

  52. Horses and Horse Information – Site answers some of the most common questions about horse breeds, horse care, horse tack, horse equipment, and general riding and horse training questions.

  53. HotSpot for Birds – an avian resource replete with a bird care guide, tips on bird hygiene and nutrition, information on the dangers of heavy- metal poisoning, plus articles on birdhouse placement and care

  54. House Rabbit Society Home Page – an all-volunteer, non-profit organization that rescues abandoned rabbits and educates the public on rabbit care

  55. Hummingbirds! – information and images relating to hummingbirds, including attracting them, feeders, migration maps, history, species, an image gallery, organizations, and much more.

  56. InfoNatura: Birds and Mammals of Latin America – A source for conservation information on the birds and mammals of Latin America and the Caribbean – more than 5,500 common, rare, and endangered species in 44 countries and territories.

  57. Insects on the Web – This site aims to help you really see insects for the miniature marvels they represent and to understand how intertwined our cultures have become with these alien creatures. New content includes an expanding the links section, adding another issue of Cultural Entomology Digest and adding more educational modules to the Class Insecta section.

  58. International Museum of the Horse, The – As the largest equestrian museum in the world, this site is “dedicated to telling the intriguing story of the horse and his relationship with man.”

  59. Introduction to the Aves: The Birds – site concentrates on the paleontology and evolutionary history of birds. Explains what fossils tell us about birds, looks at their life cycle, and examines their body structure. From the University of California’s Museum of Paleontology.

  60. Merck Veterinary Manual – This site by Merck provides animal care information, including over 12,000 indexed topics and over 1200 illustrations.At this comprehensive site, you can search by topic, species, specialty, disease, and keyword using advanced search features.

  61. Monarch Watch – seeks to involve thousands of students and adults in a cooperative study of the monarch butterfly’s fall migration.

  62. Morris’s British Birds 1891 – The full collection of original colour British Bird prints from 1891. Included with each of the reproductions is a text description of the birds range, habitat and migratory points.

  63. National Marine Mammal Laboratory’s Education Web Site – detailed information on all types of marine mammals, including whales; both Baleen – right, bowhead, gray, humpback and blue, and Toothed – including sperm, beluga, North Pacific bottlenosed and narwhals.

  64. National Zoological Park Home Page

  65. Nature: Horses – Companion site to the PBS Nature special on Horses. Web highlights include an exploration of how horsepower has transformed our world, and a look at why one woman has dedicated her life to nurturing the therapeutic bond between horses and people.

  66. NetVet and the Electronic Zoo – “The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) welcomes you to NetVet & Electronic Zoo … your link to thousands of veterinary medical and animal-related online resources.”

  67. Oklahoma State Univ. Dept. of Animal Science

  68. – resource for the new and potential dog owner, provides comprehensive pet care advice and information

  69. Owl Pages, The – site devoted to owls from Australia, North America, and other parts of the world. Each breed has information about its appearance, size, hunting, breeding, mortality, and habitat. There are photos, sound files, and distribution maps.

  70. PETA Online – “PETA’s animal rights campaigns include ending fur and leather use meat and dairy consumption fishing hunting trapping factory farming circuses bull fighting rodeos and animal experimentation.”

  71. Paw Prints Post – This animal newsletter celebrates the animal-human bond. Features both pets and wildlife, with humorous, informative articles, poetry, photos, reader contributions, and more.

  72. Petfinder – Over 53,000 pets available for adoption.

  73. – sites are reviewed and ranked in order to save you browsing time.

  74. Pet of the Day


  76. Pets – – “ is a great guide containing tips and information (on a variety of pets starting from amphibians all the way to turtles) from’s own Pet Expert Lori Huston.”

  77. Poultry Page, The – An online zoological garden of domestic poultry. Includes photos, video, and information about various breeds of fowl.

  78. Prehistoric Pets

  79. Primates Project – gallery of monkeys, chimps, orangutans, bonobos, and gorillas shows scenes of a somehow familiar social life, and records acts of physical grace on land and in the trees.

  80. PuppyFinder – “The Internet Guide to Your Perfect Pet.”

  81. rec.pets – UseNet group on all things Pets/Animals

  82. Saint Bernard Club of America

  83. San Francisco Zoo – visit one of the Bay Area’s most popular cultural and recreational attractions.

  84. San Diego Zoo – Official Web site of the World Famous San Diego Zoo, Wild Animal Park and Panda Cam featuring the latest Zoo happenings, new baby animals, special events and new exhibits.

  85. Save the Elephants – “It is our mission to secure a future for elephants and to sustain the beauty and ecological integrity of the places where they live; to promote man’s delight in their intelligence and the diversity of their world, and to develop a tolerant relationship between the two species.”

  86. Seeing Eye, The – site of a New Jersey guide dog school founded in 1929. The site includes a database of dog guide laws in Canada and the US, full-text books and articles about seeing eye dogs, and canine care guidelines from the Seeing Eye school’s veterinarian.

  87. Sheltie Page, The

  88. ShowDogs Online

  89. State Birds – This site by, lists the official state bird for all 50 states. Images presented are drawn from ‘Audubon’s Birds of America’by John James.

  90. Sue at the Field Museum – Site about Sue, the largest, most complete, and best preserved Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton ever found. A site for kids and adults alike, for anyone interested in the work of paleontology or who just likes dinosaurs.

  91. Tarantulas – introduction to these larger arachnids this Web site provides general comments on each species temperament and general location with color photos of each tarantula discussed.

  92. Tiger Information Center – this sites provides the public, scientific, and conservation communities with information about wild tigers across Asia and in zoos worldwide.

  93. Tiger Territory – Beautiful photographs and articles on all aspects of this magnificent and endangered cat.

  94. Turtle Trax – a page devoted to marine turtles

  95. Up at Six’s Birds! Birds! Birds!

  96. VetCentric – “ is the leading internet destination for veterinary medical information and services. We’re here to offer you everything you need to be better informed and better prepared to provide for the well-being of your animals.”

  97. Veterinary Hospital Locator – Use this site to find a veterinary hospital near you or nearly anywhere you want to go. For example, if you are planning to move or travel with your pet, look up an American Animal Hospital Association accredited hospital near your destination so that you’ll be prepared when your pet needs medical attention.

  98. Veterinary Information – feline and canine veterinary information with encyclopedias for each

  99. Virtual Birder, The

  100. Virtual Dog – select the type of pup you want, name it, and you’ve entered the world of pet maintenance, Internet style. Owners start off with a certain amount of money and must feed, nurture, and maintain the health of their new pet.

  101. WALTHAM World of Pet Care

  102. Whale Watching Web

  103. Wild Cats – From the World Conservation Union (IUCN) Cat Specialist Group, a worldwide organization of scientists dedicated to the study and survival of wild cats.

  104. Wild Wolves – NOVA Online

  105. Wolf Dunn, The

  106. Wolf Source – “Your one stop online resource for all things lupine.”

  107. World Guide to Animal Rights


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