Magazines – -Ezines

  1. Alliance E-Journal – lists electronic journals; provides subject access using modified Library of Congress Subject Headings; searchable and browsable.
  2. American Spectator, The
  3. Atlantic Monthly, The
  4. Blue Moon, The
  5. Book of Zines, The – an ezine and zine resource guide with links to more than 100 zine resources, interviews with and advice from 65 zine editors
  6. Boston Review, The
  7. Byte Magazine
  8. Car & Driver
  9. Columbia Jour. Review
  10. Commentary
  11. Consumer Reports
  12. Cosmopolitan Magazine
  13. CyberEdge Electric
  14. Discover
  15. Earth Observation Magazine Online
  16. Economist, The
  17. Epicurious
  18. Essence – style, culture, and communit magazine for black women
  19. Field & Stream – a magazine for modern hunters and gatherers. Includes feature articles, regional destination guides and other resources.
  20. – The first free online article-search service. Search for quality articles in more than 300 reputable magazines and journals.
  21. Forbes
  22. Harper’s
  23. High Technology Careers Magazine
  24. Instant Classics – “a journal of new art, comics, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, snacks.”
  25. Kiplinger Online – Puts financial events in perspective on a daily basis and shows how such events affect readers on both a personal and business level.
  26. Life Magazine Online
  27. Mac Design Online
  28. MacWorld
  29. – Site helps you find individual magazine articles on the web in categories ranging from Business to Sports & Recreation.
  30. Mississippi Review Web Edition
  31. Money Magazine
  32. Mother Jones
  33. Mutual Funds Magazine Online
  34. Nation, The
  35. National Enquirer
  36. National Geographic Online
  37. National Review
  38. Nature Magazine
  39. New Criterion, The – a monthly review of the arts and intellectual life.
  40. New Scientist
  41. – includes the weekly contents of both the U.S. and International editions
  42. New York Magazine
  43. New York Observer
  44. New York Times Magazine
  45. New Yorker, The
  46. Onion, The
  47. PC Magazine
  48. PC World Magazine Online
  49. Paper Magazine
  50. Paris Match
  51. People Magazine
  52. Personal Technology Magazine
  53. Ploughshares – the great literary journal goes online. Samples from current and recent issues.
  54. Popular Mechanics PM Zone
  55. Popular Science
  56. Premiere Magazine
  57. – “Search our database of over 150,000 magazines, journals, newsletters, & other periodicals. Find free in-depth information on familiar and hard-to-find publications from around the world, representing thousands of topics.”
  58. Rage Magazine
  59. Reader’s Digest
  60. Reader’s Digest UK – MoneyWise personal finance, humor, music and books.
  61. Reason Magazine
  62. Rolling Stone
  63. SALON
  64. Saturday Evening Post, The– includes a gallery of artwork from Norman Rockwell and the magazine’s other illustrators.
  65. Scientific American Online
  66. Shore Journal, The – Literary Digest of Life on the Eastern Shore, Maryland
  67. Sky & Telescope
  68. Slate Magazine – Microsoft’s weekly e-zine
  69. Spectator
  70. Sports Illustrated
  71. Student.NET Online Magazine
  72. Sunset Magazine
  73. Suck
  75. Swoon
  76. Texas Monthly
  77. Time-Warner Publications
  78. TV Guide
  79. Tweak
  80. U.S. News and World Report
  81. Variety
  82. Village Voice, The
  83. Wired Magazine
  84. Yale Record

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