1. Aria Database – Close to 1000 arias – searchable by name, opera, language, composer, voice type, range, keyword, and whether there is a sound file (MIDI), translation, or text available.
  2. Best’s Ratings Online – Database of nearly 6,000 life/health, property/casualty, and international insurance companies’ Best’s Ratings. Information provided includes the latest Best’s rating, financial size category, group membership, address, phone numbers, and Web link (if available).
  3. Big Bands Database – database of big band and other popular music is searchable by band name, musician, song title, or other keyword. May also be browsed by region (American, Canadian, British, or European bands). Includes information on current bands as well as historical material.
  4. Chemical Scorecard – Locate polluting companies in your neighborhood, find information about the type of chemicals being released, and learn the health risks associated with those pollutants at this Environmental Defense Fund sponsored site
  5. Database of Award-Winning Children’s Literature – Search this database to locate award winning juvenile books that fit your criteria. Many features can be specified including age, genre, award, ethnicity of protagonist, gender of protagonist, historical period, and more.
  6. EDGAR Database – Major database of publicly available filings submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
  7. Genamics JournalSeek – Genamics JournalSeek is the largest database of freely available journal information available on the internet. The database presently contains more than 8500 titles.
  8. Infonation – database that allows you to view and compare the most up-to-date statistical data for the Member States of the United Nations.
  9. Internet Movie Database
  10. Internet Nonprofit Center – Data from IRS Master File Exempt Organization Records that contain the basic information (address, exempt status, etc) of more than 1 million tax exempt entities. Allows for title and zipcode searches.
  11. Kelly Blue Book – database of car prices
  12. NIST Online Reference Databases
  13. Nutrient database – from the U.S.D.A.
  14. NOAA National Oceanographic Data Center – The U.S. National Oceanographic Data Center (NODC) holds the world’s largest collection of publicly available oceanographic data.
  15. Princeton University Data and Statistical Services – provides a data library as well as reference and statistical support.
  16. Public Opinion Poll Question Database – This database allows users to search for specific poll questions by using key words and then narrow by poll and date. Included are over 1000 Louis Harris Polls (going back to 1958) with more than 60,000 questions covering a diverse range of topics, as well as items from the National Network of State Polls, and others.
  17. Religious Resources on the Net – a comprehensive, searchable database of religious and Christian web sites on the Internet.
  18. Roller Coaster Database – Roller coaster enthusiasts can browse through an online database with stats on a whopping 652 of these thrill rides, from 251 parks in North America with 729 photos.
  19. – collection of regularly updated links to tutorials, articles, reviews, books, products, and more.
  20. Search Systems – over 9,340 free searchable public record databases, national and by state.
  21. Social Security Death Master File (fee-based)
  22. Songfile Database – more than 62,000 lyrics from our rapidly growing database of more than 130,000 songs.
  23. University of California, San Diego – Social Sciences Data Collection
  24. U.S. Bureau of the Census

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