Computer – Software

        1. ASCII-EBCDIC Conversion Table
        2. Adobe’s Acrobat Reader
        3. Arachnophilia
        4. Browser Archive – Download archive of more than 80 Web browsers (including past versions). Intended as a resource for Web developers who need to test their sites against specific browser versions.
        5. Caligari Home World – VRML Software
        6. CGI Resource Index, The – Over 2,000 CGI related resources in more than 200 categories.
        7. CNET – “Find the software you’re looking for at CNET, the most comprehensive source for free-to-try software downloads on the Web.”
        8. Cut-N-Paste JavaScript
        9. Developer Shed
        10. Dr. Dobb’s Journal – “Popular Programming Journal”
        12. Easter Egg Archive, The
        13. Egghead Software Home Page
        14. Everything Macintosh
        15. FileClicks – database including newsclips and in-depth reviews on all of the world’s software.
        16. File Formats – A list by of file name extensions or suffixes that indicate the format or usage of a file and a brief description of that format.
        17. FilesRiver – “We list only free, freeware and open source software applications. Our focus is to select quality apps that successfully solves the main task for end user.”
        18. – “Your view of the Java universe.”
        19. JavaScript Source, The
        20. JavaWorld
        21. Jumbo – “Extensive Collection of Freeware and Shareware”
        22. LinuxPlanet
        23. Linux Resources: Refdesk
        24. Linux – Yahoo Listing of Links
        25. Lotus Home Page
        26. McAfee Home Page
        27. MacSurfer’s Headline News
        28. MacTech Magazine
        29. MacWorld Online
        30. Matt’s CGI Script Archive
        31. Micro2000 – A software developer dedicated to hardware diagnostics designed to troubleshoot PC’s at a hardware level.
        32. Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia
        33. Microsoft Home Page
        34. Monster FTP Sites List
        35. MPEG Pointers and Resources
        36. Object-Oriented Software – What is It?
        37. PC Show and Tell – PC Show and Tell is a FREE Internet library of thousands of voice-enabled how to shows that help you maximize the use of your favorite software and websites. Includes shows on Word, Excel, Powerpoint, ICQ, AOL and more.
        38. Paint Shop Pro 5 – Introduction – tutorial for this popular graphics editor
        39. Perl Language Home Page
        40. Persistence of Vision – Ray Tracer
        41. Pkware
        42. PowerPoint in the Classroom – Written for K-12 students, this tutorial covers all the basics and more of using the Microsoft PowerPoint presentation software. This Microsoft-related site also includes tutorials on other Microsoft programs such as the e-mail software program Outlook Express, the Web browser Internet Explorer 4, and the Web site editor.
        43. Programmer’s Heaven – over 9579 files and 2633 links
        44. – a web-based service that let’s users combine multiple sites inside a single, fast-to-scroll page for faster viewing.
        45. Quicken Financial Network
        46. Screen Savers for Windows From A-Z and Windows Wallpaper
        47. Screen Saver Haven – “Featuring the largest collection of screen savers available on the Internet!
        48. ScriptSearch – “The World’s Largest CGI Library”
        49. Second Nature Software
        51. Shareware Music Machine
        52. SmartDraw Software – “Best Graphics Program at the 1995 Shareware Industry Awards”
        53. – “ Fast, secure and free downloads from the largest Open Source applications and software directory.”
        54. Tucows Internet Software
        55. Version Tracker – site contains a searchable database of software versions and updates and driver updates for Macintosh computers.
        56. VirtualDr – Drivers
        57. Voxware
        58. WinZip
        59. WS-FTP
        60. ZD Net Software Library

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