Computer Hardware

        1. 3COM Access Products – ISDN
        2. AT&T Home Page
        3. Apple Computer Home Page
        4. The Apple Museum Welcome to The Apple Museum! The Apple Museum is dedicated to the history of Apple Computer, Inc. and with more than 350 Apple products listed, the most comprehensive Apple history source on the internet.
        5. CABLExpress Home Page – “computer networking connectivity reseller. We sell and support over 15,000 networking products.”
        6. Cable Modem Information Network
        7. Cisco Systems, Inc.
        8. Computer Review – A global reference source for the information technology market. Over 1100 listings and 400 profiles of computer, telecommunications, and new media companies.
        9. CPU Performance Enhancing Utilities
        10. Gateway Home Page
        11. Guide to Buying Computer Memory – RAM – This article by CNET provides tips and suggestions on upgrading memory (RAM) in your home or work computer. Included in the article is an explanation of the various types available, where and how to purchase the chips, and tips on installing the chips into your desk- or laptop computer.
        12. Hewlett-Packard Home Page
        13. High-tech Answer Desk – USA Today
        14. How CD Burners Work – In this HowStuffWorks site, you’ll find out how CD burners encode songs and other information onto blank discs. Site also examines CD re-writable technology, see how the data files are put together and find out how you can make your own music mixes with a CD burner.
        15. IBM Home Page
        16. Intel Home Page
        17. ISDN Tutorial – concepts, history, protocols, references, and more.
        18. Matrox Graphics
        19. Nokia Home Page
        21. Novell Home Page
        22. Obsolete Computer Museum – Journey now with us to those ancient pre-Pentium days, courtesy of the Obsolete Computer Museum. With photos of machines that few of us knew existed.
        23. PC Mechanic
        24. PC Technology Guide, The – “The PC Technology Guide covers the various technologies underlying the PC’s major internal components and peripherals. It is aimed at the hobbyist, interested novice or student, and includes many explanatory graphics and an integrated glossary.”
        25. PriceScan – Street Price Search Engine
        26. Price Watch – Street Price Search Engine
        27. Scanning Tips – Hints, fundamentals and other general scanning information to help beginners get started with their flatbed scanners
        28. Silicon Graphics Home Page
        29. Sony Home Page
        30. Sun Microsystems Home Page
        31. System Optimization: PC Hardware and Performance Guide – Want to make sure your computer system is running as fast and as well as it possibly can? describes itself as the “ultimate PC tweaking guide.”
        32. Used Computer Mall, The – “Your online marketplace for used computer equipment.”
        33. Western Digital

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