Computer – Graphics

        1. #1 Free Clip Art – collection of free clip art in 300+ categories
        2. 3dArk – resource for 3d CGI and animation enthusiasts
        3. 3D Artists – tutorials, and over 300 individual pieces of artwork
        4. A+B+C Graphics – backgrounds, textures, 3d balls and much more
        5. Adobe’s Acrobat Reader
        6. Alchemy Mindwords
        7. Animation World Network
        8. – Over 10,000 original free clipart images.
        9. Black Sun Interactive
        10. Brown University Computer Graphics Group
        11. Caligari Home World – VRML Software
        12. Caltech Computer Graphics Group
        13. Center for Complex Systems and Visualization at Bremen
        15. Clip Art Review – A guide to free graphics on the Web
        16. Clip Art, Icons etc. – Courtesy of Yahoo
        17. Computer Graphics in Seven Easy Lessons – lessons that take you step-by-step through editing graphics to achieve various effects and a nicely done Art Box that explains all the Paint Shop Pro select and paint tools.
        18. Cool Archive – archive of free clip art, icons, web graphics, animations, fonts, backgrounds, arrows, and much more!
        19. Cornell Program of Computer Graphics
        20. Digital Directions – Electronic mag dedicated to computer art
        21. Elated: Web Design
        22. Engel’s Netscape Color Palette Map
        23. GRAFICA Obscura
        24. Graphics FAQ’s
        25. Graphics, Visualization, and Usability Center
        26. Hollywood Online – Many .avi, .mov and sound files available for download
        27. IBM’s Almaden
        28. IconBAZAAR
        29. Image Finder
        30. LView Pro – “Image file editor of choice”
        31. Microsoft Research Graphics Group
        32. MIT Media Lab
        33. – MPEG pointers and resources
        34. Microsoft Image Bank – Corbis
        35. Persistence of Vision – Ray Tracer
        36. Pixar Animation Studios
        37. Princeton University Graphics Group
        38. RADIANCE WWW Server – Ray-tracing software
        39. Rayshade – a public domain program for creating ray traced images, written by Craig Kolb et al (Princeton University).
        40. Screensavers for Windows
        41. Silicon Graphics Home Page
        42. Sprott’s Fractal Gallery
        43. Stanford Computer Graphics Laboratory
        44. Techno-Impressionistic Art
        45. Thant’s Animations Index
        46. University of California at Berkeley Computer Graphics
        47. WebOOGL – VRML 3-D Web Browser/Viewer
        48. Xtacy – A Graphics Hack for Windows

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