1. AAA Home Page
  2. Alldata – repair manuals
  3. – New and Used Car Buyer Guide
  4. Art of Driving, The
  5. Audi Home Page
  6. Austin Healey
  7. – Buy or lease a NEW vehicle at a low, competitive price.
  8. Auto Channel, The
  9. Auto ‘Lemon Law’ Information – This site provides links to all available State statutes on automobile ‘Lemon Laws.’ Also available are links to State Motor Vehicle Licensing sites, allowing you to renew online your license and tags, etc.
  10. – “autoMedia is your source for new and used car prices, buying guides, auto reviews and car care information.”
  11. Automotive Recalls and Technical Service Bulletins – Automotive Recalls and Technical Service Bulletins are listed by Year, Make, Model and Engine Option. Select a Year, then a Manufacturer, to see a list of Recalls and Technical Service Bulletins (TSB) for your car or truck.
  12. Automotive Web
  13. Auto Town
  14. – search for new and used cars; over 1.25 million cars online
  15. AutoVantage – buy new and used cars online
  16. Autoweek Online – weekly automotive enthusiasts magazine. Offers access to live classified ads, free downloadable screen savers, and opinion forums.
  17. AutoWorld – New and Used Car Buyer Guide
  18. BMW of North America
  19. Buick Home Page
  20. Cadillac Home Page
  21. Calling All Cars – Hundreds of luxury, sports, exotic and classic cars and high-end RVs for-sale-by-owners. Pictures included.
  22. Car and Driver
  23. Car Collector Magazine – If you enjoy collector & classic cars, sit back and enjoy the ride
  24. Car Connection – news, reviews, features on new cars and more.
  25. CarFax
  26. CarPoint – MSN Autos.
  27. – supplies the dealer “invoice” and the manufacturer’s “list” price for your new car, truck, van or sport utility and all of its factory options and packages.
  28. Car Prices
  29. – New and Used Car Buyer Guide
  30. – locates the car, arranges the paperwork, cuts the red tape, etc.
  31. Car Donation New York: Car Donation 4 Kids – “Make a Charitable Car Donation New York Today. Car Donation 4 Kids Will Help You Every Step of the Way.”
  32. – New and Used Car Buyer Guide
  33. CarSound Magazine – Your premiere source for the lastest in the world of car audio, electronics and navigation.
  34. Car Talk
  35. Car Trackers
  36. CarValue – New and Used Car Buyer Guide
  37. Chevrolet Home Page
  38. Chrysler Home Page
  39. Citroen Home Page
  40. – site provides information on clubs and events, and pictures from past car shows and cruises, as well as hosting over 90 message boards and chat groups.
  41. Classic Mustang Page
  42. Corvette Magazine – “This is a real magazine, with pages that fill your screen with gorgeous Corvettes and text that’s easy to read. Plus, there are technical articles full of colorful and informative pictures to help you maintain your Corvette.”
  43. – presents information from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) that evaluates the risk of various injuries for particular models of automobiles.
  44. – New and Used Car Buyer Guide
  45. DeSoto Home Page
  46. Dodge Home Page
  47. duPont Registry Online – a buyers gallery of fine automobiles
  48. – New and Used Car Buyer Guide
  49. EV World: the World of Advanced Electric Vehicles – highlights the electronic vehicle (EV) by showing its development and operation. Links to audio interviews featuring EV enthusiasts and industry insiders, news of promising technologies, and test drive reports of electric vehicles such as General Motors’ EV1 and Honda’s EV Plus are included.
  50. Extreme 4×4
  51. Finding Automobile Repair Manuals Online – None for free, but page provides the links to the sites that sell them, including Chilton and Haynes, as well as refers the reader to’s Automobile Advice category, which provides links to several Web sites where you can ask an automobile expert for advice.
  52. Ford Home Page
  53. Fuel Economy Page – site allows side by side comparisons of up to 3 vehicles at a time and provides information on advanced and alternative fueled vehicles such as hybrid vehicles.
  54. GM EV1 – it may not be a gas, but you’ll get a charge out of the site.
  55. General Motors Home Page
  56. Goodyear
  57. Harley Davidson
  58. – “The most comprehensive and scientific environmental vehicle ratings resource.”
  59. Hemmings Motor News – “The World’s Largest Collector Vehicle Website.”
  60. Honda
  61. How Hybrid Cars Work – How does a hybrid car work? What goes on under the hood to give you 20 or 30 more miles per gallon than the standard automobile? And does it pollute less just because it gets better gas mileage? In this edition of HowStuffWorks, we’ll help you understand how this amazing technology works.
  62. How NASCAR Race Cars Work – In this edition of HowStuffWorks, see how these NASCAR cars are made.
  63. Hyundai Home Page
  64. iMotors – “The best way to buy a used car on the Internet.”
  65. Institute for Highway Safety – Everything you ever wanted to know about highway travel including fatality facts, information on trucks, motorcycles, cars, bicycles, pedestrians, roads & highways, and traffic laws & regulations.
  66. IntelliChoice CarCenter – New and Used Car Buyer Guide
  67. Isuzu Home Page
  68. Jag-Lovers
  69. Jaguar Home Page
  70. Jeep Home Page
  71. Kelley Blue Book
  72. Kia Motors Home Page
  73. Lamborghini Home Page
  74. Lemon Car Page – provides easily understood advice to those who have purchased new lemon automobiles, including links to other lemon car sites and a bibliogrpahy of research materials
  75. Lincoln Home Page
  76. MG Cars Enthusiasts
  77. MG Owners’ Club Home Page
  78. MaseratiNet
  79. Mazda Home Page
  80. Mercedes-Benz
  81. Mercury Home Page
  82. Microsoft CarPoint on MSN
  83. Mitsubishi Home Page
  84. Model T Ford Club of America
  85. Motor Trend Online
  86. NADA New & Used Vehicle Values & Appraisal Guides – online database of the National Automobile Dealers Association vehicle guides (consumer editions) provides price information for used cars, trucks, boats, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, all terrain vehicles (ATVs), snowmobiles, motor homes, trailers, campers, and personal watercraft. Prices are arranged by type of vehicle, make, year, and model and take into consideration major options.
  87. National Automotive Parts Association (NAPA)
  88. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
  89. – New and Used Car Buyer Guide
  90. New Car Trackers – site allows you to search for used cars, read through the informative automotive library, participate in online forums and more.
  91. Nissan Home Page
  92. North American Eagle – Seattle’s fastest automobile, the 700 mph, 48,000 hp world land speed record challlenger.
  94. Opel Home Page
  95. Peugeot Home Page
  96. Pontiac Home Page
  97. Popular Mechanics Automotive
  98. Renault Formula One– the official fast car site, in French and English.
  99. Road and Track Magazine
  100. Road King on Ramp – Trucker’s magazine and resources
  101. Roush Racing
  102. SVT Cobra Mustang Club
  103. Saab Home Page
  104. Saleen Home Page
  105. Subaru Home Page
  106. Sunbeam Tiger Owners Assoc.
  107. Tire.Net – providing members the ability to share information about the global tire industry.
  108. Toyota Home Page
  109. Toyota MR2 Web Site
  110. Trader Online – buy cars online
  111. Triumph Dolomite Home Page
  112. – “Buy and Sell Your New and Used Trucks, Semi Trucks, Trailers, Parts, Search Truck for Sale and More With Truckertotrucker.Com. We Have The Largest Inventory of Semi Trucks, Used Semi Trucks and Trailers. Contact Us Today Buy and Sell Your Trucks.”
  113. Truckworld Online
  114. TrueCar – “Compare national, regional and local car prices to find what others paid for new cars. View comprehensive price reports to find the best new car deal.”
  115. Used Cars Online – “You are now visiting the Internet’s top ranked online classified site offering used cars for sale by owner and dealer! We offer a large selection of both private party and dealer inventory. All sales contacts are made directly between buyer and seller, for free, with no middle man. Begin your search for used cars now.”
  116. Volkswagen Online
  117. Volvo Home Page
  118. Wrecked Exotics – The internet’s largest photo collection of wrecked exotic sports cars. Good way to see what type of impact crashes have on different types of vehicles. Over 1,700 photos.
  119. Yahoo Autos – New and Used Car Buyer Guide

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