Misc. Politics

  1. :30 Second Candidate – PBS examines the history of political ads in America.
  2. Amnesty International – the official site
  3. Ballot Access News
  4. Brookings Institution, The – “In its research, The Brookings Institution functions as an independent analyst and critic, committed to publishing its findings for the information of the public.”
  5. Capital Hill Blue – daily political web-zine published daily since October, 1995.
  6. Cato Institute
  7. Center for Voting and Democracy, The
  8. Clinton Liebrary
  9. Congressional Report Cards – Find out what kind of legislation individual members of the U.S. Congress supported or opposed at this non-partisan, non-profit site.
  10. Congressional Roll Calls
  11. Democratic National Committee
  12. Federal Election Commission
  13. FECInfo – A place to discover who gave what to which Federal candidates when.
  14. Federal Election Commission data
  15. Follow the Money – gives contribution information for state races
  16. Gallup Poll, The
  17. Gender Gap – tracks the progress of women in government and the military
  18. Grassroots.com – ‘Your political action network,’ Grassroots.com is an online community that brings together the people and the issues (education, health care, abortion, government spending, etc.), and challenges everyone to take action on what matters to them.
  19. Herblock’s History – From the stock market crash in 1929 through the new millennium beginning in the year 2000, editorial cartoonist Herb Block has chronicled the nation’s political history, caricaturing twelve American presidents from Herbert Hoover to Bill Clinton. This Library of Congress site provides biographical information along with many samples of his work.
  20. Heritage Foundation
  21. National Debt Clock
  22. National Political Index
  23. National Priorities Project – This site is committed to helping the public understand and shape the federal budget to meet community needs by providing: Analysis of critical budget issues; State and local data; Tools for local action. You can also find out how your 2001 federal income tax dollars are spent with and Interactive Tax Chart.
  24. Opensecrets.org – Money in politics data.
  25. Political Information.com – “During the 2002 campaign season, let http://politicalweb.info be your guide to the U.S. electoral Web sphere.”
  26. PoliticalWeb.info – A source for conservation information on the birds and mammals of Latin America and the Caribbean; more than 5,500 common, rare, and endangered species in 44 countries and territories.
  27. Politics1 – resource of comprehensive links to all the Presidential, Gubernatorial, U.S. Senate & Congressional candidates and political parties
  28. Politics – Courtesy of Yahoo
  29. Political Junkie
  30. Pollingreport.com
  31. Presidents: Discover Our Nation’s Leaders – “Research every U.S. President in one place. Includes facts, election results and links to presidential resources from across the Internet.”
  32. Reform Party Official Website
  33. Republican National Committee
  34. Vote Smart Web – “Your one-stop shopping center for political information.”
  35. Voter Turnout from 1945 to 1998 – Based on the International IDEA database of postwar elections, which covers 171 independent states, 1,129 parliamentary elections and 360 presidential elections, this site is a useful resource for anyone studying voting trends internationally or in specific countries or regions.
  36. Welcome to the White House
  37. WhiteHouseToday – ‘The Internet’s Source for Unbiased Information.’
  38. World’s Smallest Political Quiz
  39. Write Your Representative – Lookup Representative

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