Discover the Networks  This website describes the networks and agendas of the political Left.
Americans for Constitutional Liberty  America’s Constitutional government action organization containing lobbying tools. Action items and information
Campaign For Liberty  Ron Paul’s grassroots organization
Christian Exodus  Establishing a constitutionally limited government founded upon Christian principles
Citizens for Term Limits   Supporting a Constitutional amendment limiting Congressional terms
Conservative Political Action Conference   Containing speeches, transcripts and videos from the nations leading conservative leaders
Freedom Works  Dick Armey’s Tea Party Group
Future of Freedom Foundation  “Advance an uncompromising case for libertarianism”
Heritage Foundation  “ formulate and promote conservative public policies”
Initiative & Referendum Institute   Promoting Initiative and Referendum for all Americans
James Madison Center  First Amendment rights
John Birch Society    Fighting the New World Order and threats to individual liberty
Tea Party 911  Connect to your local Tea Party group
Tea Party Express
Tea Party Express Tea Party Activist Organization
Tea Party Patriots
Tea Party Patriots  Tea Party Activist Group
The American Cause   Pat Buchanan’s group: To put our own country, America, first
The Tea Party.net
U.S. Terms Limits  Fighting to limit the terms of career politicians

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