Save Tibet
Campaign for an Independent Britain  Informative site dedicated to getting the UK out of the EU
Canadian Action Party  Opposing the North American Union/SPP merger of the US, Canada & Mexico
Canadian Alliance of Home Schoolers  Promoting home schooling in Canada
Canadian Conservative Forum  Lots of writings and links from our right-thinking neighbors
Central Tibet Administration of the Dalai Lama
China News on the Free net
Epoch Times  U.S. newspaper exposing Chinese Communism and other topics
Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor
Human rights in China and Tibet Links
Human Rights In China  Chinese freedom fighter and human rights info, in English. Beijing finds this site very dangerous.
Iran Dokht  Real news from Iran, written by Iranian women
National Endowment for Democracy  Supporting Freedom Around the World
Network for North Korean Democracy and Human Rights
Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party of China
North Korea Freedom Coalition  Coalition of Korean and U.S. groups to free N. Korea
NOT The South China Morning Post   Sometimes has news which SCMP omits and censors. They expose the pro-Communist slant & censorship at SCMP.
One Free Korea  Pro-freedom blog with news from N.K.
Panama Canal     Lots of information and links on the Canal and the Chinese threat
Panama’s “Law Number 5”   NSC provides full text of law which gives Huchinson Whampoa extraordinary powers at the Panama Canal
Persecution Project   Fighting the persecution of Christians in Sudan and other countries
Sound of Hope Radio   Bringing the news of freedom to Communist China
South China Morning Post  (SCMP) Hong Kong paper covers China & Asia
Students for a Free Tibet
The Council of Canadians  Opposing the North American Union/SPP merger of the US, Canada & Mexico
The Daily N.K.  News and commentary about North Korea
The Fraser Institute  Canadian conservative think tank promoting individual liberty and economic freedom.
Tiananmen Mothers Campaign  Justice for the victims
Tibet Government in Exile
U.S. Committee for Human Rights in North Korea  Includes detailed reports of NK gulags
UK Independence Party  British party dedicated to restoring British sovereignty and pulling out of the European Union.
United Kurdish Voice  Excellent source of news regarding Iraq, Iran, and the oppression against Kurds.
Unlock Democracy  British group opposing threats to freedom
Vive le Canada  Anti-NAU

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