American Christian Heritage

American Minute – William Federer’s organization.  A great source for discovering our Christian heritage as Americans – sign up for their daily e-mail or listen for American Minute on your Christian radio station.
American Vision  –  Dedicated to Restoring America’s Biblical Foundation from Genesis to Revelation.  Conduct “Worldview Super Conferences” to train people and produce resources, such as books and DVDs.
WallBuilders  –  WallBuilders is a name taken from the book of Nehemiah. Just as Nehemiah led a grassroots effort in Jerusalem to rebuild the walls of that city, WallBuilders seeks to energize the grassroots today to rebuild…
Religion and the Founding of the American Republic  –  From the Library of Congress
America’s Christian Heritage Week  –  An annual nationwide observance.
Christian Heritage Fellowship  –  “ Christian Heritage Fellowship seeks to identify and celebrate the glorious heritage of the Christian Church in America and around the world. “
American Christian Heritage Group  –  “To collect, produce and disseminate educational and informational materials regarding the Christian heritage of the United States of America. “

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