Action, Training & Research

American Majority A non-profit, non-partisan political training institute whose mission is to train and equip a national network of leadership committed to individual freedom through limited government and the free market….
Faith & Action in the Nation’s Capital A Christian outreach in Washington DC, whose mission is to reintroduce the Word of God into the public debate surrounding legislation and policy matters. (a separate organization…
Free Market Foundation A non profit organization dedicated to protecting freedoms and strengthening families in Texas and nationwide.  They stand for First Amendment freedoms, less government, and solid family values.
FreedomWorks “FreedomWorks is a grassroots service center dedicated to helping activists fight for lower taxes, less government, and more freedom.”
Grade Gov Grade members of Congress at this site and see how others have graded them.   “They work for YOU.  Remind them.”
Heritage Foundation Founded in 1973, they are a research and educational institute that forumlates and promotes free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense….
High Impact Leadership Coalition Founded by Bishop Harry R. Jackson, Jr., the HILC exists to protect the moral compass of America and be an agent of healing to our nation by educating and empowering churches, community and political leaders….
Independent Women’s Forum “All issues are women’s issues”   Seeks to combat the women-as-victim, pro-big-government ideology of radical feminism.
National Coalition Against Legalized Gambling Compiles information on the adverse personal, social, economic, and public health impacts on gambling and disseminates it to citizens and policy-makers.
Pass the Salt Ministries Coach Dave Daubenmire, a veteran of 25 years of high school football, leads this ministry that is working to unite, organize, and mobilze the Army of God to be salt and light.
Preserve Liberty How we can best preserve our liberty by becoming involved–as we are called to do by God, and compelled to do by our Founding Fathers?  Know your rights and responsibilities as citizens and pastors. …
Project Vote Smart A good source to find information on candidates for public office on the state and federal level.
Restore America Calling all Christians to vote and be involved, they hold an annual conference each spring in Oregon. They would like to help similar conferences get started all across America.
RightMarch Patriotism in Action! Led by William Greene, RightMarch provides a number of online opportunities, such as petitions, to make a difference in our nation.
Tea Party Patriots The Tea Party Patriots are a completely non-partisan, spontaneous movement made up of hundreds of thousands of patriots from all around the nation.  We the people are the Tea Party Patriots!
The Barna Group Find out the latest on where American citizens stand on issues of the day as well as what Christians and those of other religions are saying on issues of faith.
The International ForecasterCoverage and commentary on the economy and world economic events.   Website of Bob Chapman, who has been a  guest on our Faith2Action radio program.
The Salt and Light Council They train and equip churches to develop a Salt and Light Biblical Citizenship Ministry. In essence they train public servants to be missionaries back to our home field of government. There is a 1 minute video on their website that you can watch for a brief overview.
US Pastor Council Started by a group of ministers in Houston, this group is working to get pastors involved in the battle for our culture nationwide.
World Congress of Families Fosters an international network of pro-family organizations, scholars, and leaders that seeks to restore the natural family as the fundamental social unit and the ‘seed bed’ of a sane society.

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