Robots and Agents

Q. What is a Bot?
A. The word is derived from ‘robot’, and refers to a computer program that gathers information or performs a service, usually on some regular, predetermined schedule. A bot (sometimes called an agent) typically searches the Internet, gathers information relevant to your query or interest, and presents it on a scheduled basis, hourly, daily, weekly, etc.

  1. – find discount airline prices for selected destinations
  2. BotSpot – the spot for all bots and intelligent agents
  3. Bottom Dollar – finds the lowest prices on the web – fast! Just pick a category, type in a title, and start searching
  4. CareerSite Virtual Agent – search for positions which match skills and career objectives
  5. DealPilot – checks out prices, availability, plain shipping time and shipping costs of your book at over 20 online stores with over 20,000,000 pricing informations simultaneously
  6. FinanceWise – assists in accessing banking and finance information on the World Wide Web
  7. healthfinder – a gateway consumer health and human services information web site from the US government.
  8. Medical World Search – Medical Intelligence At Your Fingertips
  9. – You can search for multiple keywords within a domain name and get a return list of every registered domain name in the .com, .net., .org, and .edu zones that has those keywords anywhere within the domain name.
  10. News Index – personalized news delivered daily via email
  11. Newzbot! – public Usenet resources for the masses
  12. Plangent – a software realizing intelligent agents which can work on the Java language system.
  13. PriceWatch – helps do comparison shopping for computer parts with prices ranked from less expensive to most expensive
  14. RoboShopper – automatically query online stores and then display the results in a convenient report, so you easily compare and make the best buying decision
  15. Search Engine Watch – information about many search engines, including comparisons.
  16. WebFerret – freeware assists in location information on the Internet; searches can be narrowed bychoosing to match any keyword, match all keywords or by submitting the keywords as an exact phrase
  17. Webglimpse -search engine for finding information in a related web of pages.
  18. WebMethods -automate the Web



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