1. About The World Wide Web – a handy reference that focuses on the history of the web, from its military origins up to the browser wars.
  2. Ask the Experts – hundreds of experts available in all walks of life
  3. Beginner’s Guide to Effective Email
  4. Beginner’s Guide to Object-Oriented Software
  5. Beginner’s Guide to WWW
  6. Dave’s Beginner’s Guide to the Internet – “Online tutorial for those just starting out on the Internet. Walks through basics about Internet and World Wide Web and goes to moreadvanced topics like privacy and safety online.”
  7. Finding Information on the Internet: A Tutorial – This tutorial presents the substance of the NEW two-part Internet Workshops offered year-round by theTeaching Library at the University of California at Berkeley.
  8. Glossary of Internet Terms
  9. HowStuffWorks: How Internet Infrastructure Works – “Do you ever wonder how the Internet really works? How do Web pages and e-mail move to and from your computer? See how the Internet infrastructure works.”
  10. HTML Code Tutorial
  11. HTML Primer
  12. HTML Tutorial
  13. Internet 101 – “Internet 101 was created for those who want to know just the basics. This guide will provide you with enough knowledge to have fun on the Internet, yet will not bore you with too many details.”
  14. JavaScript Tutorial and Guide
  15. – site describes the Internet’s history, how it works, how to use it (including advanced use), security issues, and related information.
  16. Mouse Basics – “Before you can explore the Desktop and Taskbar, you must know how to use your mouse. Your mouse is a pointing device. You use it to point to things on the computer screen. There are other kinds of pointing devices, like touch pads and game pads, which we will not discuss here.”
  17. Netscape Unoffical FAQ – a loosely edited list of Frequently Asked Questions that have been posted and answered in Netscape discussion groups.
  18. New User Tutorial – site designed to teach new users basic computer skills such as using the mouse and the scrollbar, typing commands into dialog boxes, double clicking, and using the File menu and other basic Windows functions. Basic and in-depth information about the World Wide Web at your fingertips – just a mouse click away!”
  19. Yahoo: Beginner’s Guides – “Yahoo! reviewed these sites and found them related to Interne Beginner’s Guides.”
  20. Zen and the Art of the Internet – A Beginner’s Guide



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