(1945-1991) Cold War, Cultural Upheaval, and the Reagan Era

“Enemies From Within” Speech At Wheeling, West Virginia
Iron Curtain” Speech
“Mr. Gorbachev, Tear Down This Wall!”
A Time for Choosing
Amendment Of United Nations Participation Act
Armistice Agreement For The Restoration Of The South Korean State
Brown v. Board of Education
Civil Rights Act
Cooper v. Aaron (Brown II)
Democracy And Foreign Policy
Eisenhower’s Farewell Address
Eisenhower’s First Inaugural Address
Eisenhower’s Second Inaugural Address
Executive Order 10730: Desegregation of Central High School
Executive Order 10924: Establishment of the Peace Corps
Executive Order 12612: Reagan’s Executive Order on Federalism
Executive Order 9981: Desegregation of the Armed Forces
Glenn’s Official Communication With the Command Center
Goldwater’s Acceptance Speech for the Republican Presidential Nomination
Government Press Release Announcing U.S. Recognition of Israel
I Have a Dream
John F Kennedy-1961 Inaugural Address
Kennedy’s Address to Southern Baptist Leaders
Letter from Birmingham Jail
MacArthur’s Farewell Speech to West Point
Miranda v. Arizona
National Interstate and Defense Highways Act
North Atlantic Treaty
Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty
Participation in UNESCO
President Kennedy Appeals to the Congress for a Tax Cut
Reagan’s Acceptance Speech to the 1980 Republican National Convention
Reagan’s First Inaugural Address
Reagan’s Remarks at Pointe du Hoc on the 40th Anniversary of D-Day
Reagan’s Second Inaugural Address
Reagan’s Speech to the 1976 Republican National Convention
Recall of General Douglas MacArthur
Roe v. Wade
Ronald Reagan–Abortion and the Conscience of the Nation
Senate Resolution 301: Censure of Senator Joseph McCarthy
Statement on the Cuban Missile Crisis
Test Ban Treaty
Texas v. Johnson
The Evil Empire
The Marshall Plan
The Sharon Statement
Tonkin Gulf Resolution
Truman Doctrine
United States v. Nixon
Vietnam War Testimony to the House Foreign Relations Committee
Voting Rights Act
War Powers Resolution

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