(1914-1945) The Modern State & Foreign Engagement

We Have Only Just Begun To Fight”
“We Shall Fight on the Beaches”
Address To The Jury
Boulder Canyon Project Act
Executive Order 8802: Prohibition Of Discrimination in the Defense Industry
Executive Order 9066: Resulting In the Relocation of Japanese 
Franklin D. Roosevelt-1st Inaugural Address
Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Call To Prayer
Free Speech in Wartime
General Eisenhower’s Order Of The Day
International Organizations Immunity Act
Joint Address To Congress Leading To A Declaration of War Against Germany
Keating-Owen Child Labor Act of 1916
Korematsu v. United States
Land-Lease Act
Letter From FDR To President Of National Federation of Federal Employees
National Industrial Recovery Act
National Labor Relations Act
Roosevelt’s Fourth Inaugural Address
Roosevelt’s Infamy Speech
Senate Speech Against The League of Nations
Serviceman’s Readjustment Act (G.I. Bill)
Social Security Act
Statement On the Bombing of Hiroshima
Surrender of Germany
Surrender of Japan
Tennessee Valley Authority Act
The American’s Creed
The Atlantic Charter
The Balfour Declaration
The Espionage Act
The Four Freedoms
The Fundamental Principle of a Republic
United Nations Participation Act
Woodrow Wilson’s 14 Points
Zimmermann Telegram

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