(1865-1914) Reconstruction & Westward Expansion

Act Establishing Yellowstone National Park
Address To The Atlanta Exposition
Against Imperialism
Appeal To Congress For Impartial Suffrage
Chinese Exclusion Act
Cross Of Gold
Dawes Act
De Lome Letter
Ex Parte Milligan
Interstate Commerce Act
Joint Resolution on the Annexation of the Hawaiian Islands
Lynching: A National Crime
Memorial Day Address
Mueller v. Oregon
Not Yours To Give
On American Motherhood
Pendleton Act
Platt Amendment
Plessy v. Ferguson
Reasons for Being a Republican
Roosevelt’s First Inaugural Address
Sherman Anti-Trust Act
Speech at Harper’s Ferry: The Niagara Movement
Surrender Speech to the US Army At Bears Paw Battle
The Great Chicago Fire
The New Colossus
The New Nationalism
The People’s (Populist) Party Platform
The San Francisco Earthquake
The Strenuous Life
Theodore Roosevelt’s Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine
Women’s Rights To The Suffrage

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