(1860-1865) Secession & War

A Declaration Of The Causes Which Impel The State of Texas To Secede From the Federal Union
Articles of Agreement Relating To The Surrender of the Army of Northern Virginia
Constitution of the Confederate States of America
Declaration of Causes of Seceding States
Farewell Speech to the United States Congress
Georgia Secession
Jefferson Davis, 1st Inaugural Address
Jefferson Davis, 2nd Inaugural Address
Lincoln’s Farewell Address to Springfield
Lincoln’s First Inaugural Address
Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address
South Carolina’s Declaration of Secession
Telegram Announcing the Surrender of Fort Sumter
The Battle Hymn of the Republic
The Emancipation Proclamation
The Gettysburg Address
The Homestead Act
The Morrill Act
The Pacific Railway Act
The Wade-Davis Bill
Treaty of Fort Laramie
War Department General Order 143: Creation of the U.S. Colored Troops

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