Zip Codes & Shipping

Mailbox (USPS) Locator – The Mailbox Locator helps you find USPS drop boxes (blue mailboxes) and post offices in your area. Click on your state or enter your 5-digit zip code in the search box. You can leave comments about postal services, report on mailboxes that have been removed or relocated, and you can even add your own pictures of mailboxes and post offices.

Postage Price Calculator – USPS Domestic and International Retail Prices

Look Up a ZIP Code (USPS)


  1. Australian Post – Information on postal products and services, direct mail software, stamp collecting and collectibles.
  2. Canadian Postal Service – information on postal rates, services, codes, post office locations and more.
  3. Canadian Postal Code Lookup Service
  4. Canadian Reverse Lookup
  5. Denmark Danmark Post – official site for Denmark Post Office
  6. FedEx Airbill Tracking
  7. France La Poste – France’s postal service. In French.
  8. Germany Deutsche Post – Germany’s postal authority. In German or English.
  9. International Codes
  10. Italian Zip Codes
  11. Links to Postal Code Pages
  12. National Address Server
  13. New Zealand Post Office
  14. Pakistan Post Office – State enterprise features its postal services, landmarks in its history, and post news. View the commemorative stamps from 1997.
  15. Postage Rates Worldwide
  16. Pro-Zipcode! – Demo – Look-up city, state and county info with our database of 5-digit ZIP Codes
  17. South African Post Office – Read an historical background on the country’s communications center, or view a list of products and services. Find rates and press releases.
  18. United States Zip Codes Database
  19. UPS – Package Tracking and General Shipping Information
  20. United States Postage Rates
  21. United States Postal Service Abbreviations
  22. U.S. Zip Code Lookup Service
  23. ZIP+4 Codes for United States Vessels
  24. Zip and Area Code Lookup – JCS – information about area codes and zip codes
  25. Zipcode Mathematical Calculator and Distance Finder – calculate the distance between zipcodes, find all zipcodes within a radius, find the zipcode of a city.




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