1. All-Internet Shopping Directory
  2. – the Web Shopping Directory
  3. AutoSite
  4. Best Book Buys – site compares prices at 28 independent and chain online bookstores. Your search will show whether a book is in stock or back-ordered, how soon it will be shipped, and the approximate shipping cost.
  5. Beverage Express
  6. Blank Tee Shirts – “Top Quality Name Brand Activewear: Plain & Simple”
  7. Car DealerNet
  8. Comparison Shopping Services: CNET Shopper , DealTime , Internet Mall , My Simon
  9. Consumer World
  10. – Whether you are considering buying a luxury sport utility vehicle or a new blender, this site offers invaluable, unbiased consumer product information.
  11. – Everything Hi-Fi Online – “We are the unbiased resource for finding consumer electronics information on the web. Our searchable directory includes thousands of professional reviews, consumer opinions, buying guides, shopping advice, product comparisons, news, articles, and more.”
  12. – “ is an unbiased aid to locating all price comparison shopping robots, agents and superstores. We do not sell anything on this site.”
  13. eShop Plaza
  14. Gadget Guru – stay up-to-date on the newest gear and gadgets
  15. Home Computing Guide – This Consumer Reports site offers the latest information on hardware and software, ergonomic workstations, ways to protect yourself and your computer, and where to shop online for all your home computing needs.
  16. Interactive Super Mall
  17. Internet Shopping Outlet
  18. Magic Mushroom Lamp Co.
  19. Of Ships and Sea
  20. Pegasus Antiques
  21. Purple Hippo Tees – “Buy Purple Hippo Tees, Funny T-Shirts items on eBay. Find a huge selection of Ford T-Shirts items and get what you want today. Purple Hippo Tees items – Get great deals on Funny T-Shirts, Ford T-Shirts items on eBay Stores!”
  22. – the official site of the National Assoc. of Realtors
  23. Safe Cars – Site allows you to check on latest safety risks, reports, and ratings of your favorite car. Drop down menus let you choose makes and models.
  24. Safe Computing – WWW Retail Outlet
  25. – Before you go on that online shopping spree, drop by for advice on a ‘smarter, safer’ way to buy. Brought to us by the folks at the American Bar Association.
  26. Spiegel – Spiegel features everything from brand name items that you can purchase securely online to a magazine of interesting articles
  27. Tyler-Adam Corp. – Diamond information, including a brief history, how to purchase, what you need to know, and how to ensure you are getting what you paid for.
  28. Used Computers Shopping Mall
  29. Visa ATM Locator
  30. Visa Shopping Guide by Yahoo! – organized one-stop collection of major shopping sites divided into categories
  31. Wal-Mart – now you can buy your toothpaste, tires, socks, and socket wrench sets online.
  32. Wild Ties

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