Personal Finance

  1. 200 Letters for Job Hunters
  2. American Stock Exchange, The
  3. America’s Job Bank
  4. – Advice from financial-planning experts and daily updates on comparative rates for mortgages, auto loans, and credit cards.
  5. BanxQuote – Search for Deposit and Loan rates, quoted by leading banks in each market
  6. BanxQuote Banking Center – Washington Postcurrent interest rates and pricing information for all types of deposits and loans in all 50 states and Washington, D.C
  7. Barron’s Online
  8. Bermuda Stock Exchange – offshore electronic securities market.
  9. Betting on the Market – “a report on America’s obsession with Wall Street.”
  10. Business Week
  11. Calculators by – “Looking for the right calculator? provides personal finance calculators for financial needs.”
  12. – site features 8,255 credit card reviews written by consumers.
  13. – Over 400,000 jobs listed.
  14. Career Magazine – resume tips, employer profiles, career advice from certified counselors
  15. Center for Debt Management, The
  16. Chicago Board Options Exchange
  17. Chicago Board of Trade
  18. Chicago Mercantile Exchange
  19. CNN/Money
  20. Consumer Information Center
  21. ConsumerWorld
  22. – “A nationwide database of 450,000 Certified Public Accountants and CPA firms searchable by criteria including name, location and industry focus. Taxpayer, small business and investing information is available for the public and the professional as well as jobposting and career information within the accounting profession and firms.”
  23. Daily Stocks – Assemblage of over 200 financial links catagorized as: market commentary, stock screens, insider reports, financial news headlines, earnings, daily market indicators, upgrades/downgrades, filters, and/or technical stock reports.
  24. Dean Witter
  25. Dow Jones Averages – site provides current and historical information about the Dow Jones Indexes (Industrial Average, Transportation Average, Utility Average, and 20 Bond Average). It includes detailed composition of the indexes, interesting articles, chronological charts, and daily historical data going back to 1896.
  26. Dr. Ed Yardeni’s Economics Network
  27. Electronic Credit Repair Kit
  28. Equifax Credit Reporting
  29. E-TRADE
  30. Experian Credit Reporting
  31. Fantasy Stock Market – Free, fun and educational investment game. Trade stocks and mutual funds with $100,000 in fantasy money. Portfolios are tracked and ranked for monthly prizes. Perfect for the beginning investor or professionals.
  32. Financial Pipeline – info on stocks, bonds, investments strategies
  33. Financial Times
  34. FINDEX
  35. Fortune Magazine
  36. Goethe Investment
  37. Holt’s Market Report
  38. How Recessions Work – Most of us hear about the U.S. economic recession in the news every day. Find out exactly what a recession is, how it happens and what can turn it around.
  39. Investment FAQ
  40. InvestorsEdge
  41. Investor Guide
  42. Investor Home
  43. Investopedia – Includes investing dictionary as well as articles and tutorials on nearly any aspect of the market.
  44. Investorama
  45. InvestorWords – “With over 5,000 investing terms and 15,000 links between related words, InvestorWords is the most comprehensive financial glossary you’ll find anywhere, online or off.”
  46. Job Search: Google Web Directory
  47. Kansas City Board of Trade
  48. Money 101 – Created by the editors at Money magazine and its Web site, Money 101 consists of electronic lessons that help you invest, save, borrow and spend more wisely.
  49. Money Daily – enhanced HTML version of Money Daily
  50. MoneyHunter – MoneyHunter is the online companion to MoneyHunt TV. “We entertain, educate and empower entrepreneurs who seek capital to start, buy or grow a business.”
  51. Money Page – Banking and financial guide to hundreds of resources for bankers, brokers, and consumers. A Regulatory Compliance Forum was recently opened.
  52. Moody’s Investors Service – credit ratings, research and financial information for the capital markets.
  53. Mortgage Calculator – Enter the requested information and click “calculate” to see the results. Also available is a amortization feature, which allows you to create a customized amortization table for your loan.
  54. The Motley Fool
  55. Mutual Fund Investment Center, The – – educational information, facts, results, profiles and more to help you understand mutual funds.
  56. Mutual Funds Magazine Online
  57. – “My Accounting Course is a free online accounting course that provides financial accounting examples, problems, and notes, so you can learn accounting.”
  58. NASDAQ
  59. NasdaqTrader – features comprehensive trading volume reports.
  60. NAIC
  61. National Financial Service Network
  62. National Fraud Information Center
  63. One Share of Stock, Inc.
  64. Online Mortgage Calculator
  65. PC Quote Stock Quote Service
  66. Quicken Financial Network
  68. RV Central – for all your retirement needs.
  69. Salary Calculator
  70. Sallie Mae – comprehensive site including calculators to estimate the cost of college, savings goals, expected family contribution, monthly budgets, and loan payments.
  71. Securities & Exchange Commission
  72. Small Business Administration
  73. Standard & Poor’s Equity Investor Services
  74. Start Your Own Small Business – Site provides everything you need to start, manage, and grow a successful small business.
  75. StockHouse Online Journal
  76. Stock Research Group, The – Information source for small-cap investors on the Internet
  77. Stock Smart – access to stock quotes, earnings estimates and other financial data
  78. – “ is a free guide to trading stocks online with an emphasis on daytrading. We provide stock research, education for beginners, recommended stock brokers, stock tips and more, all free.”
  79. Trans Union Credit Reporting
  80. Truth About Credit – Credit card companies are flooding us with card solicitations, deceiving us with misleading offer terms, and gouging us with higher-than-ever fees. What should you be on the lookout for? How can you avoid being ripped off? This site can help you answer these questions.
  81. USA Today: Money
  82. Wall Street Journal Home Page
  83. Wells Fargo Bank – On-Line Banking
  84. World Paper Money – pictures of over 2,000 bank notes, front and back, from all over the world with an extensive list of links to other legal tender sites.
  85. Worth Online – Financial Intelligence
  86. Yahoo! Tax Center – helpful hints for personal and business taxpayers, info on tax law changes, hints for homeowners. Provided in partnership TurboTax

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