Business & Careers

  1. America’s 200 Best Small Companies Of 2009 – Meet the top-performing, publicly held up-and-comers. A web site.
  2. ATM Locator – MasterCard – find the ATM closest to selected location.
  3. ATM Locator – VISA – find the ATM closest to selected location.
  4. Advertising World
  5. America’s Career InfoNet – Occupational and employment information from America’s Job Bank. Includes overviews of the job market for the U.S. and for all fifty states. Profiles over 750 specific occupations, including detailed salary and wages information by state and county from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  6. America’s Job Bank
  7. American Airlines Reservations
  8. AT&T
  9. Best Jobs in the USA
  10. BizWeb – Lists companies and products by goods and services
  11. Black Collegian, The – “The career site for students and professionals of color”
  12. Bloomberg Online
  13. BRINT – Business Research in Information and Technology
  14. – Site contains more than 25,000 categories and subcategories and includes more than 400,000 business-oriented web sites along with 64,000 company profiles which include detailed information about public, private and international companies, including news, financials and biographies of executives.
  15. Business Plans: Samples
  16. Business Research Guides – Site by Rutgers University offers business research guides. This resource is divided into eighteen sections, including Business News Sources, Job Searching, Market Research, and Financing Your Business.
  17. Business Starup Journal – From the Wall Street Journal Center for Entrepreneurs, this site offers a free, online publication focused on starting a business or franchise, including articles about the challenges and successes in business startups.
  18. CIBER – Michigan State Univ. – Center for International Business Education and Research
  19. CareerBuilder – “Mega Job Search” service. The site has access to more than two million job postings across the Net. Plug in your preferences and the site spits back possible job matches.
  20. Career Center – Government Executive Magazine’s career center provides detailed information on Federal pay schedules. They have the General Schedule pay tables, Executive, Senior, and Scientific or Professional pay levels, hourly rates, military pay tables, law enforcement pay rates.
  21. Career Development Manual – A detailed guide to assess one’s personality, aptitudes, and values and how to match these to potential occupations.
  22. Career Magazine
  23. – the only employment web site on the internet to have an interactive newsstand that has links to the worlds top publications.
  24. Career Resource Home Page– job search central
  25. Career Web
  26. Choice Hotels Homepage – “Realtime Info Rates/Availability”
  27. Companies Online – directory to over 100,000 public & private companies. Searchable by name, location, industry, sales, number of employees, ticker symbol, or URL.
  28. Computer Associates
  29. Consumer World
  30. Cray Research
  31. Credit Score Resource – “Trusted and reliable credit score resources to assist consumers in learning the information necessary to take control of their credit scores and improve their overall credit rating.”
  32. Custom Development Solutions – a full-service consulting firm dedicated to helping your organization meet – and exceed – its fundraising goals.
  33. Dismal Scientist, The – “The Dismal Scientist is the pre-eminent source of free economic research and information accessible via the Internet. This updated Data section provides immediate access to the Dismal Scientist’s massive banks of national forecasts and state and metro level data.”
  34. Entrepreneur’s Help Page
  35. Federal Marketplace, The – a site designed to assist businesses in selling to the federal government
  36. FedEx – Track a FedEx Package !
  37. The Forbes 500s – America’s biggest companies fought their way through another nasty year. Forbes annual 500s directory is a report card on how these big corporations performed in 2002.
  38. Forbes Global 500 – Forbes Global magazine presents its annual list of the world’s biggest companies, measured by revenue. Of the 500 companies on the Global 500, a total of 205 are from the U.S. Japan has the second-greatest number of entries, 92. Aggregate revenue of the Global 500: $13 trillion.
  39. Ford Motor Home Page
  40. FWE – Forum for Women Entrepreneurs
  41. HBS Working Knowledge – “a collection of cutting-edge management information created to help you stay at the forefront of today’s fast-changing business environment.”
  42. Hewlett-Packard
  43. High Technology Careers Magazine
  44. Hitachi America Ltd.
  45. Home Depot, The
  46. Hoover’s Online
  47. Hoover’s StockScreener Search – database enables visitors search for public companies by up to 20 fields, including Current P/E, Growth Rates, Company Size, and Profit Margin
  48. IBM
  49. Intel
  50. Internet Career Connection
  51. – “Search 1000’s Of Job Applications. Find Printable Job Applications. Learn Specific Tips On Applying To Your Favorite Companies.”
  52. JobBank USA – “Your gateway to Internet employment resources”
  53. – “The purpose of the Job-Hunt.Org Web site is to provide the most comprehensive listing of useful Internet-accessible job-search resources and services on the Web, in a format which is most useful to job seekers.”
  55. Krislyn’s Strictly Business Sites – contain links to business-related sites in 48 subject areas.
  56. Marketing Virtual Library – Annotated guide to marketing resources. Areas covered include advertising, starting and running a business, careers and employment, consumer issues, legal information, electronic commerce, public relations, and selling & sales management. Additionally database, direct, international, and Internet marketing are covered as well as market research.
  57. – free Project Management templates, documents, tools, processes and forms.
  58. Microsoft
  59. Monster Board, The
  60. Motorola, Inc.
  61. The National Fraud Information Center
  62. NationJob
  63. Novell, Inc.
  64. Perrier
  65. PR Week – “PR Week is the first weekly magazine to offer nationwide coverage of the public relations business.”
  66. Riley Guide, The – the best guide to job-hunting sites on the Net
  67. Salary Expert – Site provides salary, bonus, cost-of-living, and benefits data on over 31,000 jobs in over 45,000 U.S. and Canadian cities. International information also available.
  68. Silicon Graphics
  69. Southwest Airlines – Home Page
  70. Sun Microsystems, Inc.
  71. Sybase
  72. Texas Instruments
  73. – offering methods that work to take confusion out of the marketplace enabling a chance to earn above average returns
  74. Unisys Corp.
  75. Wal-Mart

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