1. All-Movie Guide

  2. American Film Institute OnLine Cinema

  3. Anna Karenina – stills, video clips and production notes from the latest adaptation of Tolstoy’s classic romance.

  4. Blockbuster Video Home Page

  5. Cannes International Film Festival – site features the 50 year history of “cinema’s prestigious competition” — a decade-by-decade look at the event in the context of what was happening in the world at the time.

  6. Cinema – How are Hollywood Films Made? – an interactive detailed exhibit of the process from screenwriting through final cut. Another of the Annenberg/CPB Projects.

  7. Cinema Dermatology

  8. Cinema Sites

  9. – for the people behind the camera

  10. CineMedia – “the Internet’s Largest Film and Media Directory now with over 25,000 links”

  11. CrankyCritic – Film students can tell you what is good for you. Cranky tells you what is good to sit through. He also tells you enough about himself that you’ll be able to tell if your taste and his are compatible.

  12. Daily 100, The – this game doles out one-liners from familiar films for prizes.


  14. Dolby Labs – “Excellent Site on all Aspects of Movies”

  15. Drew’s Scripts-O-Rama – the most comprehensive index of movie and television scripts available on the Internet

  16. DTS Sound – “CD-based theater sound.”

  17. Ebert & Roeper

  18. Film.Com

  19. Godfather Trilogy, The

  20. Greatest Films, The – a unique website containing plot summaries (with actual film dialogue), review commentary with emphasis on story content and historical background, and hundreds of colorful, vintage film posters for some of the best Hollywood and American classic films in the last century.

  21. Hollywood Network

  22. Hollywood Online

  23. Humphrey Bogart Page, The

  24. IMAX – “Bigger than your imagination.”

  25. Internet Movie Database, The

  26. Internet Archive: Movie Collection – This collection contains movies that the Prelinger Archives has digitized (about 956 now online) and donated to the Internet Archive. The films focus mainly on everyday life, culture, industry, and institutions in North America in the 20th century.

  27. Jerry Lewis Comedy Museum and Store – did you know that he was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize?

  28. MGM/UA Home Site

  29. Miramax Cafe

  30. Movie Cliches List, The

  31. Movie Crazy – A website by Leonard Maltin for ‘People Who Love Movies.’ Reviews, pictures, articles, etc.

  32. Movie Emporium, The

  33. Movie Mistakes – if you love movies, you love to find mistakes in them.

  34. Movie Review Query Engine

  35. Movie Reviews – Washington Post

  36. Movie Sounds Page, The

  37. -“Source for movie info, showtimes, previews, and tickets”


  39. MovieWeb

  40. Mr. Showbiz 100 Best Movies of All Time

  41. Rotten Tomatoes: Movie Reviews & Previews – Site offers more than 87,000 titles and 200,000 movie review and preview links from the nation’s top print and online film critics.

  42. Shortcut to the Movies

  43. Sony Pictures Entertainment

  44. Oliver Stone

  45. Troma

  46. Universal Studios Florida

  47. Warner Bros. Home Page

  48. Warner Bros. Movie Page

  49. Walt Disney Home Page

  50. Yahoo! Movies



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