Arts & Culture

  1. Abstract Expressionism – “Abstract Expressionism is a form of art in which the artist expresses himself purely through the use of form and color. It is form of non-representational, or non-objective, art, which means that there are no concrete objects represented.”
  2. Adaweb
  3. AIA Online: The American Institute of Architects – Professional organization for architects providing resources for both practitioners and consumers. sections necessary for teaching art history: Ancient, Medieval Era,Renaissance & Baroque, 18th – 20th Century, and Non-Western cultures.
  4. Allen Memorial Art Museum – Oberlin College
  5. American Ballet Theatre
  6. American Museum of Natural History
  7. Art Deadlines List, The
  8. Art of the First Cities – This Web site is designed to complement “Art of the First Cities,” on view at the Metropolitan Museum through August 17, 2003. The landmark exhibition surveys the flourishing of the world�s earliest civilizations in Mesopotamia and surrounding regions�stretching from the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean across Iran and Central Asia to the Indus Valley�during one of the most seminal and creative periods in history.
  9. – Art Directory, Art Portal, Art Links
  10. ArtDaily – Valuable resource for current information on the art world. Features a series of timely stories covering a variety of art-related news and events internationally.
  11. Art Institute of Chicago
  12. Art on the Net
  13. Art on the Web – Extensive directory of art sites organized by historical time periods. Covers art therapy, conservation, iconography, professional associations, and women artists.
  14. ArtLex – Art dictionary with over 1,700 terms relating to all aspects of the visual arts, intended to be used by anyone interested or involved in the arts. Links art vocabulary to other Web sites. Provides images of works of art and quotations.
  15. Arts Journal: The Daily Digest of Arts & Cultural Journalism – Edited by Douglas McLennan, formerly an arts columnist and artsmreporter with theSeattle Post-Intelligencer and the Seattle Weekly, Arts Journal is a daily digest of some of the best online arts and cultural journalism.
  16. Artlink
  17. ArtsUsa
  18. ArtSource
  19. AskART – Site maintains a database on 25,000 American artists spanning the 16th to the 21st centuries. Information on the artists includes dates, states, methods, biographies, subjects for which best known, a decade by decade breakdown of 20th century literature in which they are referenced, and total number of auction lots sold and unsold of their works.
  20. Butler Institute of American Art, The
  21. Canadian Museum of Civilization
  22. Centre National d’Art et de Culture Georges Pompidou
  23. Cezanne
  24. Chagall Windows, The
  25. Chicago Museum of Science and Industry
  26. Dale Chihuly Home Page
  27. Children’s Museum of Indianapolis – “World’s largest children’s museum dating back to 1925”
  28. Christus Res – “Top 100 Web Sites – PC Magazine”
  29. Chrysler Museum of Art
  30. Communication Arts
  31. Cleveland Museum of Art
  32. Davis Museum and Cultural Center
  33. Detroit Institute of Arts
  34. Digital Archive of Art – collection of images of paintings from the 18th and 19th centuries and sculpture from the ancient Greek period, the Renaissance, and the 19th and 20th centuries. Artists represented include Michelangelo, Monet, Manet, Renoir, Degas, Gauguin, Seraut, Van Gogh, Rodin, Daumier, Munch, Arp, Duchamp, Ernst, and many others.
  35. Dia Center for the Arts
  36. George Eastman House — Museum of Photography and Film
  37. Education at the Met – A little culture for everyone, from New York’s Metropolitan Opera House education program. Offers programs to help further music and arts education in schools and communities.
  38. Electric Gallery, The
  39. Encyclopedia Smithsonian – Home page.
  40. Escher, M.C, The World of
  41. Exploratorium
  42. Expo – WWW exhibit organization
  43. Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco – “With 60,000 works on paper our Imagebase is currently the largest searchable art imagebase in the world.”
  44. Fine Arts World Resource Page – Directory of links to art, architecture, design, and dance resources.
  45. Franklin Institute Science Museum – Electronically tour the museum’s exhibits and access resources.
  46. Freer Gallery of Art
  47. Gauguin, Paul
  48. The Getty Museum – Site offers nearly 54,000 pages related to works of art and professional reports in conservation and art history. The heart of the site is the Explore Art section, which includes 3,300 works of art, 1,500 artist biographies, 1,500 glossary definitions, over 200 video clips, online exhibitions, and more.
  49. Greek Mythology Link – guide to Greek myths, containing sections on major events in Greek mythology; individual entries for divine, mortal, and semi-divine characters; genealogical tables; maps; a bibliography of ancient and modern sources; and an extensive set of links to sites of Classical interest.
  50. Guggenheim Museum of Art, The
  51. Harvard University Art Museums
  52. Hunterian Museum
  53. Illinois State Museum
  54. Internet for the Fine Arts – A comprehensive network of artists, galleries, museums, organizations, and resources relating to the fine arts.
  55. Juilliard School – official site of the school of the performing arts.
  56. Kelsey Museum of Archaeology – Univ. of Michigan
  57. Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art & Design – includes images from their Georgia O’Keefe exhibit.
  58. John F. Kennedy for the Performing Arts, The
  59. Kitchen, The – “The Kitchen Center for Video, Music, Dance, Performance, Film and Literature
  60. Knoxville Museum of Art
  61. Laserium Home Page
  62. Leonardo da Vinci Museum
  63. Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts – mostly (Mozart) information about Festival ’96, Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors, Midsummer Night Swing, and getting tickets to it all.
  64. Los Angeles County Museum of Art
  65. Louvre Museum
  66. Mariner’s Museum
  67. Medieval Art and Architecture – collection of architectural images from the Middle Ages. Included for many of the buildings is a map of its location, a floor plan, photos, and a brief description.
  68. Metropolitan Museum of Art
  69. MIT Museum
  70. Montclair Art Museum, The
  71. Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, The
  72. Montshire Museum of Science
  73. Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago,
  74. Museum of the City of New York
  75. Museum of Modern Art
  76. Museums of Paris
  77. Museum Sites Online
  78. National Air and Space Museum
  79. National Endowment for the Arts
  80. National Endowment for the Humanities
  81. National Gallery of Art – search for information on the more than 100,000 works in the collection.
  82. National Gallery of Canada
  83. National Museum of American Art, The
  84. National Portrait Gallery
  85. New York Botanical Garden
  86. Newseum – a D.C.-area museum that “will take visitors behind the scenes to see and experience how and why news is made.”
  87. Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum – displays a comprehensive collection of artwork by this sculptor (1904-1988) in a tranquil setting created by the artist.
  88. On-Line Picasso Project
  89. Philadelphia Museum of Art
  90. Picasso – the official site
  91. Portland Art Museum
  92. Remembering Nagasaki
  93. Renaissance Exhibit – from the Annenberg/CPB Collection. “Renaissance,” French for “rebirth,” aptly describes the intellectual and economic changes that occurred in Europe from the Fourteenth through the Sixteenth centuries.
  94. Royal Ontario Museum
  95. SILS Art Images Browser – Large database of images from the collections of the University of Michigan Museum of Art and Slide and Photograph Collection and the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology. An experimental project, the site is an example of how an electronic database can classify and retrieve art images.
  96. San Diego Aerospace Museum
  97. San Diego Museum Of Art
  98. San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
  99. San Francisco Performing Arts Library & Museum – includes both national and international holdings, with special emphasis on the rich heritage of the live performing arts in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  100. Science Museum of Minnesota
  101. Sculptor.Org – comprehensive resource for sculptors in all media. There are links for tools and supplies, sculpting tips, schools, biographies, sculpture in museums and public places, associations, services, events, bibliographies, and more.
  102. Smithsonian Institution Home Page
  103. Smithsonian Institution’s HistoryWired – Welcome to the Smithsonian Institution’s HistoryWired: A few of our favorite things. This experimental site introduces visitors to some of the three million objects held by the National Museum of American History, Behring Center.
  104. Splendors of Ancient Egypt – pieces from Wilhelm Pelizaeus’ Egyptian antiquities collection, presented by the Houston Museum of Fine Arts. Includes a RealAudio tour.
  105. Tate Gallery – This museum contains the national collection of British art from the 16th century to the present, as well as the national collection of international modern art. Approximately 8000 images of the museum’s holdings are available for view along with the descriptive text found by the works when they are displayed in the physical gallery.
  106. Metropolitan Museum of Art: Timeline of Art History – Currently this Metropolitan Museum of Art site presents world art from the Metropolitan Museum dating 20,000 BC to 1400 AD. This Timeline of Art History can be navigated from a timeline, maps, or a thematic index. The timeline will eventually reach to the present day.
  107. UC Museum of Paleontology
  108. Urban Desires – All Culture Site
  109. Versailles – Official Site – a virtual tour of the magnificent chateau commissioned by the Sun King himself, Louis XIV. Stroll the gardens, saunter through dining hall, or amble along the veranda
  110. Victoria and Albert Museum – home to 145 galleries containing some of the world’s greatest collections of fine arts.
  111. Vincent van Gogh Gallery
  112. Van Gogh Museum – The Van Gogh Museum is located on the Museumplein in Amsterdam, between the Rijksmuseum and the Stedelijk Museum.
  113. The Virtual Museum of Computing
  114. University of Michigan Museum of Art
  115. WWW Virtual Library: Museum lists
  116. Andy Warhol Museum
  117. Washington Area Conceptual Museum of Art Production – an arts resource for DC, MD & VA.
  118. Web of Arts – site consists of links to arts related sites for art lovers, artists and students.
  119. Web Gallery of Art – This Website “contains over 8,000 digital reproductions of European paintings and sculptures created between the years 1150 and 1750” supplemented with commentary on their technique and history.
  120. Web Museum – THE place on the web for all art buffs. Includes tours of renown museums around the world plus updates on the latest exhibits. Exploration of art from the Middle Ages to the 20th century with a concentration on the paintings from the Western tradition and a few samples of Japanese work. Provides overviews of the life and work of numerous artists; an outline of major Western art styles, with discussion of the characteristics and artists involved in each; and a glossary of art movements.
  121. Whitney Museum of American Art

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