1. American Crossword Puzzle Tournament
  2. Amo’s Online Crossword Puzzle Dictionary
  3. – Site offers a variety of online and printable crossword puzzles. All the crossword puzzles on this site are free and play directly in your web browser.
  4. Best for Puzzles Daily Crossword
  5. Bible Crossword Puzzles – One crossword for every chapter in the new testament some 259 crosswords.
  6. Boatload Puzzles – Free Online Crossword Puzzles
  7. Boston Globe Crossword
  8. CANOE Daily Crossword
  9. CBC Canadiana Crossword
  10. Cricklers – “We have re-invented the crossword puzzle and we hope you enjoy the results.”
  11. CrosSynergy – crosswords by Bob Klahn.
  12. Crossword Central
  13. Crossword Cove by Pogo Games
  14. Crossword Dictionary
  15. Crossword Express – K-12+ education vocabulary lesson or theme crosswords.
  16. Crossword of the Day
  17. Crossword of the Week
  18. Crossword Puzzle Dictionary Search
  19. Crossword Puzzles for ESL Students
  20. Crossword Puzzles Games – This web site offers 32,400 free crossword puzzles and fun tools for people who enjoy word games. Get some help with a puzzle or create your own, free.
  21. Crossword Puzzle Guide – guide by Infoplease to help you solve your crosswords along with ‘History of the Crossword Puzzle’.
  22. Crossword Puzzle Solver (1) – American Heritage Dictionaries
  23. Crossword Puzzle Solver (2) – Enter the number of letters and the letters that you do know and the Crossword Solver returns a list of possible words.
  24. Crossword Puzzle Solver (3) – “The Crossword Solver is designed to help users to find the missing answers to their crossword puzzles. The system can solve single or multiple word clues and can deal with many plurals.”
  25. (4) – “Using our website, you will be able to find all the clues you are missing to finish your crossword quickly and easily!”
  26. Crossword Puzzles Clues and Solutions – offers links to puzzle sites, articles, solving tools, and other resources.
  27. Crosswordsite – free family-friendly US and UK crosswords, graded from easy quick puzzles to tough cryptics; printable or online versions available.
  28. Crossword Tracker – “Crossword Tracker solves most popular crossword puzzles every day and maps the relationships, allowing you to improve your puzzle solving skills. You can search for the answer to a clue (using the letters you already know or not) and even see all the other clues we have ever seen that point to the same answer.” Just
  29. Cruciverb – a place for crossword puzzle enthusiasts to hang out.
  30. Dave’s Crosswords
  31. Dell Daily Crossword (Registration required.)
  32. Denver Post Crossword
  33. Diary of a Crossword Fiend
  34. Double Crostic Crossword Puzzle Page
  35. Free Crossword Puzzles – “No strings attached free online crossword puzzles, check with us daily to find free crossword puzzles like word search puzzles, printable puzzles, of course crossword puzzles and even Christmas puzzles. We are 100% committed to providing you with free daily crossword puzzles from all skill levels so don’t forget your dictionary and enjoy!”
  36. Free Daily Printable Crossword Puzzels – “These are our 7 seven printable crossword puzzles for today. Remember, they’re updated daily so don’t forget to check back regularly! You might want to bookmark this page. New puzzles will be added in a few hours!”
  37. GardenWeb Crossword Puzzle
  38. Guardian Unlimited Crossword
  39. Houston Chronicle Daily Crossword
  40. Infoplease Weekly Crossword
  41. Internet Anagram Server
  43. Kentucky Crosswords – Easy general knowledge crosswords, “Kentucky” themed crosswords, sports crosswords, Bible crosswords, Sudoku puzzles to play online or print, puzzles just for kids, logic problems and more.
  44. Los Angeles Times Crossword
  45. MacNamara’s Band, Inc. Crossword Puzzles
  46. Minneapolis Star Tribune Crossword Puzzle
  47. MSNBC Crossword
  48. New York Times Crossword – Subscription-based.
  49. One Across – Search for crossword puzzle answers.
  50. Puzzle Choice – Choose from many different crossword styles including US and UK standard, giant, cryptic, coded and themed.
  51. Reader’s Digest Crossword
  52. Roman Numeral Converter – Converts normal numbers to roman digits, and vice versa.
  53. Seattle Times Crossword Puzzle
  54. SignOn San Diego Crossword Puzzle
  55. Sudoku Puzzle – Daily Sudoku puzzle available at this site.
  56. tidbits puzzles – “A fast, fun original word game for people who like crossword puzzles in a hurry.”
  57. The Times and The Sunday Times Crosswords Subscription-based.
  58. The Puzzle Society – Registration required.
  59. Toronto Star Crossword
  60. Universal Crossword
  61. USA Today Crosswords
  62. Washington Post Crossword – Front Page – Daily, Sunday, and TV Crosswords.
  63. Webber’s Crypitc Crosswords
  64. Word Finder: National Puzzlers’ League – The National Puzzlers’ League provides a search engine for words listed in a number of dictionaries.
  65. World’s First Crossword: The History
  66. Yahoo! Crossword Puzzles
  67. More >

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